Our Mission & Value

At ShipSaving we want to create a platform to help all e-commerce companies reduce operating costs and increase work efficiency, and ultimately improve their core competitiveness by 50% or more!


Every upgrade and system maintenance are to help our customers get a better operating experience. We provide our customer with more convenient operation functions through unremitting system debugging.


We respect the voices of all of our customers and employes and we welcome all feedback. We are committed to creating an inspirational exchange between us and our customers.


We put YOU first! Each system update and improvement is based on customer recommendation. Our entire design was based with you in mind.


We rely on each team members efforts to achieve the success of the entire company. We are kind, sincere, diligent, and resourceful.


Constantly challenging and overcoming obstacles is the road ahead. We are a warrior and every combat experience with the monster who we fighting with always makes us stronger.

Open innovation

We work to Enhance existing features and to introduce new innovative features to provide the most memorable and convenient experience for our customers.

About us

ShipSaving was founded in 2018 and operates out of Los Angeles County, California. Our Founder found that the majority of shipping software on the market could not meet the advanced needs of small and medium sized businesses. With this in mind we created an all in one shipping solution platform that meets your needs! With over a year of research and development we were able to produce complex logistic and warehouse management solutions for all e-commerce businesses.

Over 50+ Features

Over 50+ features waiting for you to explore. You will get an extraordinary experience ever before!

Expert team

We are a team of dedicated product innovation and development professionals.

Customer Satisfaction


Potential savings on shipping labels


Cunstomer Growth Rate