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You can register an account on our homepage or by clicking here: ShipSaving/register

Yes! ShipSaving can be installed on an unlimited amount of computers and can support an unlimited amount of users at no additional cost.

You can use ShipSavings platform on Mac with the chrome browser, however our printer plugin is not currently supported on a MacOS. You can use our platform as usual but you would not be able to print using a MacOS.

ShipSaving allows an unlimited number of users under one account at a time. We also support multiple logins to one account with different devices at the same time.

Any 4’x6’ thermal label printers and 8.5’x11’ laser and inkjet printers.

You can cancel your account at anytime. Just email us info@shipsaving.com with the subject line “cancel account” and we will cancel the service for you within 2 business days.

If you are using our carrier accounts or if you selected USPS you can send a claim request to info@shipsaving.com. Please be sure to include the order information including the invoice, item quantity, product description, weight, and dimensions of the package. These claims will normally take up to 5 business days to be resolved.

If you used your FedEx or UPS account the claim must be filed through the carrier since they are physically handling your shipments.

FedEx Click Here
UPS Click Here

ShipSaving supports most major shopping carts such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Shopify, Etsy, BigCommerce, Houzz, Groupon, Wish, SquareSpace, Magneto, ECCANG.COM. We are continuously adding more shopping carts. If you are interested in partnering with us please click here!

Yes you can connect unlimited accounts from multiple selling channels to ShipSaving.

You can change username, login name(email), and password at settings->profile.

You can change you time zone at settings->profile.

We offer commitment free flexible plans for your convenience! Please click here for price options and benefits.

You can link your bank account or register your debit/credit card to your profile.

We are a prepaid system. If you use our carrier accounts ou will be charged immediately after purchasing a label. If you are using your own carrier account your account will be charged after the label is scanned by FedEx or UPS employees.

Select wallet then click on payment methods and fill out the requested information. If you are adding a bank account we have to verify the account by depositing two small amounts which you will then have to enter into our system. Once you’ve entered the deposit amounts your account will be verified in the system and ready to use.

You will be billed in the currency of whatever country your payment method is located in.

Your bank account and statement will only show each deposit from your bank account to ShipSaving. If you want to see the detailed transaction for each label you’ve purchased please go to My Wallet and click transactions.

Standard plan users are billed a one-cent label creation fee for each label purchased in ShipSaving. The shipping rate displayed during label creation is only the amount related to the postage.

Our professional users are billed a five cent label creation fee. The shipping rate displayed is only referring to the postage.

ShipSaving offers bill export services where t he user may export their monthly bills from my wallet.

ShipSaving does not have a minimum or maximum account balance limitation.

The actual per shipment price will be based on the carriers bill. Usually adjustments are made for returns, oversized packages, additional surcharges, etc.

The FedEx policy is that you can only void a label on the same day you create it. You cannot void it after that. Your refund request would be taken in the next FedEx billing cycle. The system will automatically scan effective labels and will refund the un-scanned labels.

Once you log into the platform you should see our guide. If not, please click "Guide" then click on "Printer Plug in" to begin the download. Please note that, in order to download the plug in, you must have Java. If you do not have java, please click here to install. You must also have your anti-virus software or firewall temporarily disabled or add our plugin to the white list.

Go to "settings——local". Select the format you want for different files, and then select the corresponding printer that supports the format for different files.

Notice: If a printer is set to print more than two files, the format of those files should be the same. Otherwise, a warning message "paper should be the same" would pop up.

You can let label, packing slip, and invoice automatically printed out immediately after a label is created by checking the auto print options.

Notice: If check any auto print options, during creating labels and list rate, your computer must be connected to the printers you select for the auto print files. Otherwise, a warning message "Please config printer" would pop up.

Many customers ask why their accounts do not have some features. For example, why are some buttons not shown on the navigation bar on the left side? Why can't I change some setting? The answer is, your account is a sub-account and the administrator account does not assign you the permission to do that. To change the permission of the sub-account, the administrator account has to go to "Users", double click one sub-account, and check the boxes to assign permissions.

The idea of multiple-piece tracking is creating multiple labels and recording all tracks in one order. First, find the order you want to do multiple-piece tracking, and then split one shipment into multiple shipments as the amount you want. For example, we want to do multiple-piece tracking for this order. We want to ship these two products in two shipments. Double click it to edit. At the top right corner, click add or clone to add shipments. Assign products for each shipment and must click update to save. Now, this order is split into two shipments, and you can separately create labels for these two shipments.

Find an international order, double click it to edit. On the right side, click the "Customs Declarations" tab. You can change the "contents" and "if undeliverable" options. Then click "add declaration item" and fill out information for every single product in this shipment. After filling out, just click update to save.

Our system only allows you to add new orders to a customized store, so please make sure you have one. If not, please create one. Go to Stores->stores, at the bottom of the right side, click customized store and fill out the information to create. Then, go to Orders->any status, click actions->export->template, now you download the template excel file to import order. Open the template, fill out the required information and optional information you want. There is an explanation in the template to guide you to fill out. After filling out, save the file. Go back to ShipSaving web page, on the orders page, click actions->import->orders, select the edited file, then you are done. If any error, please check you fill out the template file following the rules and upload the file again.

The reason is you select to clear cookies and site data when you quit your browser. To solve this problem, for Chrome, go to settings. At the left navigation bar, click advanced->Privacy and security. Click the second to last option, site settings. Under Permissions, click the first one, Cookies and site data. Uncheck the second feature "Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome".

Go to settings, you can see the last three options are an invoice, packing list, and Packing Slip. Click each of them to view and change the template. You can check or uncheck any information and click apply to preview. Also, if you change the paper size in the local printer setting, you can preview the template in the paper size you select.

Go to orders, click tags->manage tags. You can add or delete tags here. You can change the name and the color of tags here. To add or remove tags from an order, first edit an order, then you can see the tags section in the order summary. Check a tag to add. or uncheck a tag to remove, then click update order summary to save. And you will see the checked tags of the order here.

At the left navigation lane, click Wallet->payment methods, then click "add bank account". Fill in holder type, holder name, account number, and routing number. After you fill in, we have to verify this bank account. In some cases, you may need to verify your credit card by confirming two small charges. ShipSaving submits the two charges to your credit card and you can verify the amounts from your statement or by contacting your card issuer, such as your bank or credit card company.

Go to orders. In the top right corner, you can search by order number. Click the funnel button to view more search options: invoice number, batch number, packing slip number, packing list number, customer name, customer phone, product SKU, bin number, item SKU, tracking number, and order date.

You can filter orders by warehouses, stores, and tags. Check the options and click search to filter. You can apply multiple filters at a time.