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Learn how and why you should add SmartPost to your business.
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What is FedEx SmartPost and how it works? Learn all about it and learn how and why you should add it to your business. We present you with a complete guide. 

Every single day, more and more choppers purchase new items online and businesses must deliver those items as quickly as possible. This means that leading delivery couriers are under more stress and they must deliver more packages in the same period of time. As a result, they have been developing new, alternative delivery methods which should enhance the overall service, help the customers, and also help the businesses. One of those services is FedEx SmartPost. 

What is FedEx Smartpost and how it works?

In order to understand what FedEx Smartpost is, you need to understand how couriers work. In a basic term, they will pick up your package, deliver it to the sorting center, sort it out, and then deliver it to the desired location. This takes time but in most cases you will need between 2 and 7 days to receive the package. In this example, FedEx will take over the package and deliver it to the recipient.

FedEx Smartpost works similarly. FedEx will also pick up the package and they will take it to the sorting center and to the closest branch to the targeted location. However, the last mile, the last part of the delivery will be completed by United States Postal Service or USPS. In other words, USPS will actually deliver the package to your doorstep. 

FedEx Smartpost is a clever solution. Without it, FedEx would need a separate van and a driver, more time to visit the isolated location, and deliver a package. But, USPS has a much bigger network and they already visit all known locations in the United States. For them, delivering the package is simpler and easier. 

You can consider the FedEx Smartpost as a money-saving hybrid. It combines services from FedEx and USPS in order to deliver a package sooner to the targeted location. As such, FedEx Smartpost is an appealing option that has been very popular in a recent period of time and has been known as a very effective method to save money on shipping, especially if you are doing this all the time.

An additional way you can use to save money is ShipSaving. It is a platform that will help you with warehouse management, invoices, shipments, and more. It is easy to implement in your business and it is very popular. It has been used by million of businesses and it is one of the fastest-growing playrooms of this kind in the United States and the world. 

FedEx SmartPost is a more affordable option

Yes, you can use the FedEx Smartpost service to save money with every single package. In general, you can save up to 20% per package. For example, here are a few rates you will need to know about.

  • 1-pound parcel- $8.23 for Zone 2 and $9.96 for zone 8
  • 10-pound parcels- $15.19-$21.25 (zo0ne 2 and zone 8)
  • 30-pound parcels- $25.30-$56.38 (zone 2 and zone 8)

For more pricing information, you can click here to download the 2020 FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery rates (PDF).

The situation is even more severe if you know that fees for FedEx have been in an increase 4.9% per year, every single year. Surcharges are climbing even more making shipments more expensive to deliver and also less profit for business owners. FedEx Smartpost is a valuable method you can use today to start saving money with each and every shipment. 

Differences between FedEx Smartpost and FedEx ground

At first sight, both of these services do the same job and they deliver all packages to all destinations. As such, there are no major differences. However, there are 2 main ones we will need to explain.

The first one is the cost of the service. FedEx Smartpost is 20% more affordable which will be an appealing advantage for all business owners and will make this service more and more popular in the future. 

However, FedEx Smartpost is slower than the FedEx Ground service. In general, it takes between 1 and 5 days longer to deliver a package. Make sure to include this when sending a new package so you can inform your customers about the extra time and they are prepared for that. Not informing them can be linked to several issues such as customer low satisfaction rate, refusing to accept packages and more. 

Who should use FedEx Smartpost?

By now most of you believe that FedEx Smartpost is an excellent service and it will be an appealing choice to use. This is true, but not all senders need it. In essence, you will need and you will use FedEx Smartpost if you:

  • Have a business which involves sending parcels daily or weekly
  • If you want to deliver to all possible locations in the United States
  • If you want to save money on shipments
  • If the delivery time frame isn’t crucial for your business
  • If you want end delivery to be processed by the USPS

FedEx Smartpost isn’t useful if you want to deliver a package as soon as possible. It can be used but won’t be of any help if you send a single package per year. All of this means that FedEx Smartpost is ideal for business owners and those who want to deliver on distant locations and save money doing so. 


Pros and cons of FedEx Smartpost

FedEx Smartpost is a desirable service that isn’t the first of its kind but does the job well. However, like everything else, you will need to understand the pros and cons of the service.


  • Packages can be delivered to all locations in the United States. USPS covers the entire country and they can develop packages to locations that are unavailable for FedEx. They can even deliver to military institutions and locations.
  • FedEx Smartpost is a more affordable option compared to any other. You can save up to 20% per parcel. This will depend on the location where you send a package, how often and so much more. But, saving money is possible.
  • USPS will deliver the package. They are responsible for the last mile and they can deliver a package to the actual recipient. FedEx will deliver it to the nearest USPS office.
  • You can still track the package using the tracking system. It is a bit or complicated than usual, but it will get the job done. 


  • The delivery time is longer. FedEx Smartpost will generally need between 1 and 7 days more to deliver a package to the same address.
  • Fees when sending packages outside 48 states are much higher than average.
  • The tracking system is available, but it is too complex and not very accurate as with the ordinary service of the same kind. 

FedEx SmartPost: Dimension and weight guidelines

FedEx Smartpost does come with special requirements that must be met in order for the package to be accepted and delivered. The following requirements apply to Media, Bound Printed Matter, and Standard Mail.

  • Each dimension must be under 60 inches.
  • Combined dimensions (L+2W+2H) must be under 84 inches.
  • The smallest dimension ns must be at least 6x4x1 inches. 

Parcel select is paired with the following requirements.

  • The combined length (L+2W+2H) must be under 130 inches.
  • Each dimension must be under 60 inches.
  • The smallest dimension ns must be at least 6x4x1 inches. 

Keep in mind that following these requirements is mandatory and it refers to the packages as we have explained above. 

Final Words

FedEx Smartpost is a clever option that can help you save up to 20% on all packages and all shipments within the United States. It uses FedEx services for 90% of the travel and for the last mile or last 10% it uses USPS. As such, it can be delivered to any location, it is accurate, effective and so beneficial.

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