Warehouse Managment

Our Warehouse Inventory System is designed to cater small and medium sized Warehouses.


you can configure the allocation method in the system by matching the ordered items with the most economical dispatch center.


Manage your product storage by design, bins, SKU or barcodes.


Keep track of orders, stock transfers, fulfillments and more across multiple warehouses.


Keep your warehouse organized for efficiency with bins, volume, zones, and customized put away.


Modular Design

Gaining productivity, reducing and potentially eliminating costly physical inventories.

Single Warehouse or Multiple Warehouses

Our WMS can be configured to support small & medium sizes of businesses and multiple locations.

Mobile Computing

Users can perform these transactions from the mobile application as well. This gives mobility and flexibility to ensure inventory is tracked correctly.

Offers Real-time monitoring

All users can keep track of current, on hand, inventory values and evaluate any transactions made throughout the day.

Reporting & analytics

Accurate real time insights into stock movement by search SKU, Barcode, or Bins.

Track All Inventory Received

Users can track the quantity, value, barcode, SKU, and history of all received inventory.


Our advanced multi warehouse management system combines allocating items and shipping label printing into one step. Our system supports shipments from unlimited warehouse locations. With optimal picking methods and full course barcode operations we provide you with precise inventory tracking no matter the size of your warehouse. There is no limit for storage locations, bins, and products for you to add to each warehouse. Match your ordered items with inventory from the most economical dispatch center by distance, status, or manual settings to enjoy the smartest and most efficient shipping solution!


Our full version WMS is multifunctional. It supports multi-warehouse management and precise inventory tracking. It also provides you with the most optimal picking methods and supports for full-course barcode operations. WMS can help you to achieve informational, smart, paperless, accurate and efficiently traceable management in any warehouses.

Improve Workflow

Enhancing employee and equipment resources through effective workflow management.

  • Increase storage capacity
  • Greater agility
  • Ruce labor costs

Improve Accuracy

Save time and improve accuracy by eliminating human errors.

  • Increase inventory accuracy
  • Higher productivity
  • Shorter lead times
Saving Learning Cost
Improve Accuracy
Positive Feedback

Optimize your warehouse processes with ShipSaving!