New Product Alert! Everything you need to know about UPS® Ground Saver!

What to do when shipping is more expensive than what you’re shipping? Look no further than UPS® Ground Saver to solve your shipping needs!
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Affordable Solution

Designed for lightweight, low-value products, UPS® Ground Saver offers a clear savings advantage and helps you manage shipping costs and offer your customer a positive delivery experience.


2-7 Day Deliveries

UPS® Ground Saver offers timely deliveries within a window of 2 to 7 business days, including Sundays, helping your packages arrive on schedule.


Full-Visibility Tracking

Every shipment comes with detailed tracking, giving you full visibility from dispatch to delivery, ensuring a positive customer experience.


Broad U.S. Coverage

Serving 145+ metro areas, UPS® Ground Saver provides extensive U.S. coverage, helping your packages reach even the most remove destinations.


Deep Discounts

With ShipSaving, you can access UPS® Ground Saver discounts directly from your ShipSaving account, no volume commitments.


$100 UPS Protection

When you ship UPS on ShipSaving, you get up to $100 in carrier liabilit y coverage for free.

Don’t break the bank on your low value, light weight, non-urgent packages. Trust UPS® Ground Saver to deliver without eating into your profit margin. 📉

Maximize Savings with UPS® Ground Saver: Efficient, Affordable, and Comprehensive Shipping

With UPS® Ground Saver, enjoy reliable shipping for residential, lightweight packages at budget-friendly rates.

Delivery Time: Monday - Sunday
Max Size: 130 total inches, up to 70 lbs
Tracking: Door-to-door

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Stop eating into your bottom line, enjoy the peace of mind of shipping with a premium carrier and save even more with UPS® Ground Saver!

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