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🥳Welcome to ShipSaving. We're not just another name in the shipping world; we’re the dream team turning shipping puzzles into a piece of cake.

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The Heart and Soul of ShipSaving

At ShipSaving, 💛customers come first. We don't shy away from problems; we face them head-on. Every day, we work hard to make our products better, and we know that by teaming up, we can serve you better.

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Making Shipping Simple & Affordable

At ShipSaving, we aim to change the game for everyone with shipping needs. Whether you're a business, an individual sending gifts to loved ones, or someone selling online, we're here to make shipping easier, more reliable, and more affordable.

All About ShipSaving

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Knowledge Buffet

We’ve explored, learned, and excelled. Trust us as your shipping gurus!

Team Fantastic

Meet our heroes. No capes, just unmatched passion for smooth shipping.

USA & Beyond

NYC, California, or abroad? We ensure shipments travel seamlessly.

Here for the Chats

Every story, feedback – we listen, care, and adapt. Shipping with a heartbeat.

Digital Playground

More than a tool - it's a community. Dive in, connect, ship. As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Forever Forward

Not stuck in the past. We’re shaping the future of shipping, always.

Elevate your shipping, drop your costs. Save up to 89% off now!

Dive into ShipSaving, your all-in-one shipping solution for both personal and business needs. Whether you're sending a solitary package or handling thousands, we promise the most competitive rates.

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Customer testimonials

Real feedback from our satisfied customers

“Whenever I ship I love going to ShipSaving, I have used for three years, and it saved me a lot of time. It is very fast and convenient, it helps give me the price so quickly.”

Huili Q.

Retail, Owner

“Ease of use is definitely a plus. Being able to access postage at any time is great and being able to schedule pick up is awesome! I don't have to leave the house which means more time to focus on other important tasks.”

Terri H.

Retail store, Owner

“Excellence UI Interface. Minimalistic and functional. Responsive customer service-strong execution, no BS. Since I switched to ShipSaving I eliminated the need for any other logistic providers.”

Thomas Z.

Information Tech, CTO

“I am a fan, the other shipping products I had tried were pricey and needed constant add-ons and supplies, making the cost soar. ShipSaving makes it easy, just enter info and print on plain paper! Schedule pickups and track items all on the same dashboard. It's a dream!”

Angela L.

Retail store, Owner

“I've been using ShipSaving for almost three years now for our health tech shipments. The consistent reliability and efficiency of their system, especially with UPS integration, has been a cornerstone of our logistics. The platform's ease of use and cost-effectiveness have been constant throughout. It's reassuring to know that our delicate products are handled well and reach our customers in perfect condition.”

Jeff S.

Health Tech, COO

“I am delighted that ShipSaving provides UPS® Ground service. As our product is lobster, and freshness is crucial, UPS offers us relatively inexpensive next-day delivery service, making my shipping process very convenient.”

Paul L.

Food, Owner

“As the owner of a handmade pastry shop, timely delivery is crucial for the freshness of my products. Since switching to UPS through ShipSaving, I've been able to ensure my delicacies reach my customers on time and in perfect condition. The discounted rates are just the icing on the cake. It's a sweet deal all around!"

Helen W.

Food and Beverage, Owner

“Easy to use. Good price for shipping. Great feature to have QR code instead of printing labels.”

Ines Y.


“Easy to use, B2C integration, brings great convenience. I recommend this to everyone and think everyone should use it. It saves you time and money. Customer service is also very helpful.”

Hong Y.

Wholesale, Shipping


Most asked questions by our users

Who needs ShipSaving?

ShipSaving is for everyone who has shipping needs. Whether you own an e-commerce business or you are just on yourself to ship packages, ShipSaving is a great web-based platform for you to save shipping costs!

Let’s register an account to kick off shipping discounts of up to 89% off. 

Does ShipSaving have a free version? 

Yes, ShipSaving offers a free version called ShipSaving for Starter to empower people who have shipping needs. ShipSaving does not want to ship packages that are pricy; we would like to minimize shipping costs for all.

However, if your shipping needs are high, ShipSaving also offers paid Standard and Pro plans to cater to your needs.

How does ShipSaving calulate the best rates?

ShipSaving uses a combination of real-time data, advanced algorithms, and partnerships with major domestic and international shipping carriers to provide users with the most competitive rates.

We constantly update our system to reflect the latest shipping costs and promotions. Whether you're shipping within the country or internationally, our platform ensures that users always get the best deals and seamless shipping processes. 📦

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