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A Smarter Way to Ship

Of course, you could stand in a long line at the post office with a face mask, or ship like a pro with ShipSaving for Starter.

Buy a label in under 30 seconds with instant access to discounted USPS rates up to 89% off and DHL rates up to 76% off.
A Smarter Way to Ship

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Buy & print labels in under 30 seconds anytime and anywhere. Pay as you go, no subscriptions or hidden fees.

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Use ShipSaving is free. No subscription fees and minimum shipping volume required - You only pay for what you ship.

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A Free Way to Start

Save up to 89% off compared to the retail rates

No matter where you're ship from, ShipSaving will always provide the cheapest rates for you.

Print shipping labels with any types of printers

You can print labels at home, downland PDF, or save the shareable link for later use.

Put the shipping label on the package, and ship it out.

Skip the long line at postal office, drop off the packages or schedule a pickup, for free.

Send a package can be more simple and more productive.

Whether you're a home shipper or just starting your small business, ShipSaving for Starter is the perfect plan to cut off the costs with no subscription fees and monthly fees.

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Send a package can be more simple and more productive.