Manage inventory

ShipSaving free WMS increases order efficiency and warehouse operations, and streamlines warehouse tasks by implementing paperless warehouse technology with smart scan feature.

Import Product Info

Login to ShipSaving. Go to Warehouses -> Products.

Then click Action ->Product Template(in batches), or Add Product(manually).
Product information does not have to be the same as Item SKU information.

After you fill out the form, Click Action ->Import Product


The product will be as shown below (left side). Bin info. will available after finishing Bin setting.


Import Bin Info

Login to ShipSaving. Go to Warehouses -> Bins.

Then click Action ->Download Bin Template(in batches), or Add Bin(manually).
After you fill out the form, Click Action ->Import Bins


Match Product & Item

Login to ShipSaving. Go to Stores -> Items. Then click Match Product


Add a Product SKU, and click Save


*If you have completed the above settings, then when the item is shipped after purchasing the label, the inventory quantity of the product will be correspondingly reduced.

Batch Match Product & Item

If you need to do batch matching product & item, you can go to Stores -> Items and click Match Products -> Download template and fill in the relevant product information.


Once the template is filled in, select Import product matching file. Select your store and file, click Import to complete the batch matching.


*There should be no duplicate items in the file. In addition, this batch matching will overwrite and update the matched products according to the imported file.

Import Inventory

Method 1:By adding product bin

Login to ShipSaving. Go to Warehouses -> Products.
Click Assign bin to add bin, and you can enter stock Quantity directly;

After the product bin is successfully added, you can manually modify the stock quantity.


Method 2: By importing inventory template

Login to ShipSaving. Go to Warehouses -> Products.

Click Action ->Inventory Template to download the template.
(All information on the template is required)


Import Full Inventory: It will overwrite the current inventory quantity and is best used for the first import of inventory. After your import, the quantity of product inventory will also change;

You can also Import New Inventory

Inbound & Outbound

Login to ShipSaving. Go to Inventory -> Products or Outbound
Enter all the info, click to save


Transfer Inventory

Login to ShipSaving. Go to Inventory -> Transfer

Enter original Bin 1 Number & Product 1 SKU, and Bin 2 Number & Product 2 SKU to be transferred.


Inventory Histories

Login to ShipSaving. Go to Inventory -> Histories to view inventory record.

If you want to export inventory histories, click Download, choose the Warehouse, User, and a time period to get the report.

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