Create Shipments

How to create shipping, package labels and customs invoice? How to deal with lost or damaged package?  Get what you need, all in ShipSaving.

Fill out the Shipping Information

Login to ShipSaving. Go to Create a Shipment.

Fill out the Ship From and Ship To information; (system will auto-fill the address, please make sure it's all correct)

If the Ship From or Ship To address is residential, please check the box Residential Address.


Click Next: Details to continue to the next step.

Fill out the Package Information

Enter the package's dimension and weight; (you can also select from the carrier package list or your own customized box)

Click Add package/Clone to send multiple packages;


Select ship date, signatures, insurance, custom print, etc. in Shipping Options.


If you send an international package, please fill out the Custom Form.


Get Rates & Print Label

After filling out all the information, click Get Rates to display the rates;
Click Buy  to purchase the label;


After a successful purchase, you can choose to print/export the label and also send the label to the designated email address.

Active International Shipping Services

ShipSaving offers international shipping services from USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL.

Please make sure that you have activated ShipSaving's international shipping service before creating international shipping labels.

Click Carrier Accounts -> edit; active all the International Shipping Services


Set Ship From Address

You can create a default warehouse for all of your shipments or add a new ship from address every time you create a label. Please make sure that you enter the correct address and zip code.

Go to Warehouses; Click New to set up your warehouse (ship from address);


Set Ship to Address

Please go to Create a Shipment, fill in the exact ship to address according to national requirements, and make sure that you enter the accurate address so that ShipSaving will generate the exact shipping rates correctly to avoid additional charges.

International shipping also requires complete information such as the recipient's name, company name, phone number, contact email, and etc.

Custom Forms

All international packages need to be shipped with valid customs declaration forms.

*Packages sent to China, Russia, and Venezuela from the U.S. require an ECCN code. If you don't know your ECCN code, please call the U.S. Department of Commerce at 202-482-4811.

*It's recommended that you add ECCN or EAR99 code to the item SKU or title section to avoid the package being held or returned.

*ShipSaving is not responsible for extra charges such as tariff. Customs will contact the recipient for tariff payment, and if refused, packages could be returned to the sender or discarded.

Create Shipping Label

Click Get Rate to check all available international shipping services and shipping rates, select the appropriate service and click BUY to purchase a shipping label.

If an error message occurred, please contact our customer service team.

Attach Customs Forms

Attach a complete shipping label to your package.
(Please note: DHL's shipping label has 2 pages, and both need to be printed out and attached to the package.)

Print 3 copies of the Commercial Invoice, put them in a clear plastic bag and stick the bag onto the package. Or just drop off the paperwork and package at a post office location or give them to the pick-up serviceman.

UPS' international shipping also requires an electronic Commercial Invoice, if you have purchased UPS's international shipping labels, please contact our customer service team.

Package Delivery

After purchasing DHL shipping labels, you can schedule a free pickup at, contact customer service for details.

For other carriers, please contact them directly for package pickup and drop off.

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