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June 22, 2023

Do you know that 90% of Americans use customer service to decide whether to do business with a company or not? Thus, customer service is important and e-commerce customer service software enables you to provide quick and 24X7 customer support. 

If you are looking for the best ecommerce customer support software, then you are at the right place. Here we have curated 10 such software that will help you choose the best. 

So, let’s dive in and have a look at the contents of this article:

  • 4 Benefits Of E-commerce Customer Service Software
  • 10 Best E-Commerce Customer Support Software

4 Benefits Of E-Commerce Customer Service Software

Here are the top 4 benefits of e-commerce service software that you should check before moving further into the article:

Robust Customer Support

Customer service software usually comes with a chatbot that allows you to attend to your customers in real-time and solve their queries. These chatbots ensure that you provide a swift resolution. 

Moreover, if the query is complex and can not be handled by the bot, it automatically creates a ticket and let your customer support agents resolve it. This ensures that your customers get insightful resolutions. 

Workload Management

Customer service software collects and assigns tickets to your agents. It equally distributes the tickets among your agents and makes sure that they all work equally. Though, you can set the workflow and decide which type of ticket ( IT, Accounting, etc. ) should reach a particular agent. 

Makes Communication Easier

Your employees can easily communicate and solve a complex query using a shared inbox feature that comes with customer support software. This feature will ensure that no false information is provided to the customers. 

Moreover, the software has canned responses that assist your agents in quickly replying to your customers. 

Knowledge Base Management

A knowledge base provides self-service to your customers and employees, resulting in less ticket creation and quick support. E-commerce customer service software allows you to create and manage a knowledge base. You can create an internal and external knowledge base to assist your employees and clients. 

10 Best E-Commerce Customer Support Software

Let’s have a look at the best eCommerce CRMs that you can integrate with your business:

Helplama Helpdesk

Helplama Helpdesk comes with an AI chatbot that assists you in attending to your customers in real-time and solving their queries using knowledge base articles. It even provides workflow automation that allows you to perform activities like merging tickets from the same server, deleting duplicate tickets, etc. with ease. 

  • Helplama provides 24X7 order and returns management in your store. 
  • It provides you with customers’ previous orders and returns history which you can use to reduce return abuse in your store. 
  • Helplama’s AI bot can automate your social media handle by collecting good reviews from Yelp!, Google, Facebook, etc., and posting them on your socials. 
  • Free- 15 Days
  • Standard- $99/Month
  • Pro- $199/Month
  • Enterprise- $399/Month


Gorgias allows you to provide customer support on platforms like email, social media, live chat, voice, and SMS. It even comes with a satisfaction survey that collects customer reviews allowing you to know how your brand is performing. 

  • Gorgias provides you with analytics reports like new tickets created, tickets converted, agent performance, etc.
  • It has a shared inbox that allows your agents to communicate among themselves. 
  • With Gorgias, you can refund, create, or cancel Shopify products. 
  • Free- 50 Tickets/Month
  • Basic- $50/300 Tickets/Month
  • Pro- $300/2,000 Tickets/Month
  • Advanced- $750/5,000 Tickets/Month
  • Enterprise- Custom pricing


Freshdesk’s automation alerts your agents for a potential lead so that they can upsell, cross-sell, or sell trials to them. It also has a health check that shows you which customers need more attention so that you can reduce your churn rate. 

  • You can plan and create meetings that will alert all the agents that need to attend them. 
  • Its analytics provides reports on what your customers spend time looking for and categorize it under the topics like all customers, customer segmentation, specific account, and individual user. 
  • Estate- $79/User/Month
  • Forest- $129/User/Month


Hubspot comes with five different software that performs different tasks like marketing, sales, customer support, and more. This allows you to integrate the software that you require and save on your spending. Hubspot’s customer service software comes with a customer portal that allows customers to view their ticket status and talk to agents proactively. 

  • Allows you to manage a knowledge base by converting frequently asked questions into a searchable library. 
  • You can call your customers directly from Hubspot with the help of Hubspot’s VoIP software. 
  • Hubspot’s shared inbox allows you to connect team email, live chat, Facebook Messenger, and more to one inbox.
  • Starter- $45/User/Month
  • Professional- $450/User/Month
  • Enterprise- $1,200/User/Month


Zendesk’s answer bot allows you to build a conversation workflow and answer simple queries like how to change the password, how to log in, and more with ease. It assists you in providing omnichannel support on channels like Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS, and Instagram. 

  • You can build a community with the help of Zendesk. 
  • Zendesk has an ROI calculator that allows you to know the performance of Zendesk. 
  • Suite Teams- $49/Agent/Month
  • Suite Growth- $79/Agent/Month
  • Suite Professional- $99/Agent/Month


UVdesk has a feature called ticket administrator that converts emails into tickets. This feature also allows you to delete ticket threads, forward tickets, create secret notes, and so on. You can even integrate with multiple eCommerce platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and more. 

  • It allows you to build several different types of forms like feedback forms, custom contact forms, ticket forms, and more.
  • You can even custom-create your support portal by applying a logo, banner, custom canonical names, etc., and provide branded experience to your customers. 
  • Free- 30 Days
  • Pro- $22/Agent/Month
  • Enterprise- $36/Agent/Month

Help Scout

Help Scout allows you to get customer profile data and conversation history which you can use to sequence your customers. Moreover, it allows you to prioritize your customers and send them personalized messages. 

  • You can automate simple tasks with the help of “If/Then” logic. 
  • Allows you to create private notes, collision detection, assignments, etc for your teams. 
  • Provides cross-channel support. 
  • Standard- $20/Agent/Month
  • Plus- $40/Agent/Month
  • Pro- $65/Agent/Month


Front can provide customer service in various industries like manufacturing, B2B technology, logistics, and more. It can even help you automate customer support with the help of its bot. You can also curate CSAT surveys to check your customer’s satisfaction level. 

Provides actionable insights like SLA adherence and team performance. 
  • You can save your most used reply as a template which assists you in speeding up your agent’s performance time. 
  • Starter- $19/Agent/Month
  • Growth- $49/Agent/Month
  • Scale- $99/Agent/Month


With Happyfox you can create team canned responses that only a particular team can use. You will even get a search bar to locate different canned responses and provide a quick resolution to your customers. 

  • Its ticket automation can collect and categorize tickets into topics like customer support, sales, marketing, and billing. 
  • Helpfox can automatically slice and dice tickets based on their status. 
  • You can even take bulk action by selecting tickets in bulk and choosing the action you want to perform. 
  • Mighty- $39/Agent/Month
  • Fantastic- $59/Agent/Month
  • Enterprise- $79/Agent/Month
  • Enterprise Plus- $99/Agent/Month


Kayako’s shared inbox has a rookie feature that allows you to train your new joiners with the help of experienced staff. It even stores conversations from email chains so that it’s easier for you to gain knowledge on the topic. 

  • Allows you to create a custom theme help center. 
  • Kayako can provide proactive support to your customers as per their behavior.
  • Free- 14 Days
  • Kayako Cloud- $125/Agent/Month


Now, in the end, we hope that this article would help you choose the best eCommerce customer service software.

Here, we have also listed some benefits of integrating with a CRM in case you have some doubts in your mind.

Mostly all the above-listed software comes with a free trial which you can use and choose the best for your business. 

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January 6, 2023
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