4 Tips to Ship an International Package

International shipping helps you increase potential revenue by expanding into new markets. 
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February 27, 2024

Due to the increasing demand for international logistics, the scope is also more and more extensive, whether it is cross-border e-commerce, industrial goods, or the delivery of personal packages.

International shipping helps you increase your potential revenue by expanding into new markets and winning over global consumers. 

Whether you're still in the initial planning stage or just getting started, ShipSaving may have a few tips to help you when you begin international shipping.

1. Determine the Final Destination of the Package

First, international shipping does not mean that your product needs to be shipped to every country immediately. Many e-commerce sellers will first choose one or several countries for the initial shipping. After an initial trial, you may consider expanding your international shipping range if necessary.

To determine which country is your first choice, consider the following:

  • Will you receive information from consumers in other countries? Do site visitors actively ask if you will ship to their country? If so, you can prioritize which country has the most inquiries.
  • How much will it cost you to ship to other countries/regions? Your international shipping rates will vary depending on the type of item you send, the distance you ship, the time of arrival, and local duties or taxes. Do you have enough profit to cover these costs yourself?

If you want to try international shipping but are frustrated by the high international shipping costs, you can sign up for a free ShipSaving account, and we can offer shipping discounts of up to 70% off.

2. Choose the Right Carrier

Before you start sending internationally, you should know which carrier is best for you. ShipSaving lists a few questions for you to consider when choosing:

  • Whether the carrier delivers to the destination you need
  • How soon can the carrier deliver your package
  • Whether the carrier provides any guarantee of delivery
  • Whether tracking and insurance cover
  • What are the size and weight limits for each carrier

You can also compare each carrier's discounts with the ShipSaving multi-carrier shipping solutions. So whether you want to reduce the cost of international shipping or facilitate the management of global shipping products, you can solve your considers with the best shipping solution software.

3. The Correct Packing

International shipping has a long journey and time, so the packaging of goods is essential.

International shipping has specific requirements for packing materials. When packing materials for general goods, the package must use strong, light, and durable packing materials.

The shape of the package should be suitable for the goods' nature, state, and weight. It is convenient for handling, stacking, loading, and unloading the pieces based on appropriate packaging.

Some items have sizeable internal space and will be filled with padding to prevent the things from shaking. Therefore, international express also has requirements for stuffing. Fillers should not use materials that are easy to leak, such as wood chips and paper clips.

4. Listen to customer needs

You can check some consumers' complaints about the arrival of goods after international shipment through the internet, which can help you effectively avoid such things.

If the customer complains that the goods are damaged or missing when they arrive, you can use more substantial packaging in advance or find ways to improve it.

Customer reviews are a great way to reduce trouble in your business and increase customer satisfaction—even customer reviews from rival companies.

Final Words

ShipSaving has shown you how to make the right decision to start a new business before shipping internationally to reduce your risk. As you move into international shipping, carefully evaluate each option based on your company's unique circumstances.

If you still have questions about international shipping, ShipSaving's international shipping team can help and guide you through the entire shipping process.

Contact our team for more information, or sign up for your free account to get the lowest international shipping discounts to save on costs.

Written on:

March 9, 2022
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