5 Benefits of USPS SCAN Forms for Ecommerce Sellers

Using a SCAN form streamlines both the shipping process and customer service.
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February 26, 2024
Shipping process is something that has been improving for the last century. When done properly and with all the perks you can use, it will boost customer satisfaction and it will make your customers likely to make another purchase. Today we will explain all about USPS SCAN Form, what it is, how it works and all the benefits you can get. 

What is the USPS SCAN Form?

First of all, you need to understand what the USPS SCAN Form refers to. The acronym actually means Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice and it basically allows the USPS employer to scan one master code and to inform the receiver about all the packages he will receive.

Without this master code, each package would have to be scanned separately, which increases the shipping cost and makes it more expensive. 

So, to repeat, SCAN refers to Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice and it is used for creating tracking information about a package that contains several, smaller packages.

You can get a closer idea of how and why you need to consider the USPS SCAN Form.


How to use the USPS SCAN Form

The actual process is very simple and easy.

All you have to do is to print the shipping labels and when a courier arrives, he will scan the master code. This will enter the database of USPS and a receiver of the package will be notified and he will get detailed information about where and when he will receive the package. 

For this purpose, the ShipSaving system should be used. It allows you to print SCAN forms using your dashboard and nothing else.

You have to log in to one place only and the entire process takes a couple of seconds. You can use ShipSaving to create countless forms and to create them using a variety of ranges and always pick a suitable date. 

Main benefits of adding USPS SCAN Form to your business

USPS SCAN Form is an essential and mandatory addition if we can add to any business, especially e-commerce. You will save time and money, which is something you have been looking for. What this means is that you can scan one document rather than any of them and you will decrease the steps which are needed for a customer to receive the package. Although there are countless benefits and advantages of the process, we have discovered that the ones below are essential and therefore deserve a separate section.

Shipping across the entire country and the entire world

The USPS SCAN Form process works well with domestic and international shipping. The same form is used in both cases and there are no major differences. As such, you can impress all your customers regardless of where you are. We should add that using USPS SCAN Form for international shipping is even more important. The shipping duration is much longer, hence you need to inform the customer as soon as possible and to provide as much information as possible.

Sellers and buyers get notifications

Regardless of the fact you are a seller or a buyer, you will get the notification once the USPS SCAN Form is completed. This is an important part of the entire process and it can have a huge, positive effect on the purchasing experience. Also, you will be able to track the package or better said packages through the entire route and to react if needed.

All shipments will be labeled as acceptance as soon as possible

Without USPS SCAN Form a courier will pick up the package and then go to pick up another. This means that the package you have sent at 9 am will be delivered back to the post office at 5 or 8 pm. Only then a buyer will be able to receive information about the package and to see where the package is. But, when you use USPS SCAN Form, as soon as a carrier picks up the package, let’s say at 9 am, the master code will enter the database and a buyer will be notified and get the information about where the package is. Once again we can see that this process is important for online businesses the most.

More effective post worker

If you send 20 packages, each one of them will have to be scanned separately without using the USPS SCAN Form. But, with the system we are discussing, only one package will be scanned and the buyer gets all the perks. This obviously means that the post office employee will be a happier person and he will complete his task in less time and with a higher level of care. You can help your buyers while helping your curriers as well.

You won’t have to wait

In most cases, you will have to wait in order to send the package. But, if you use USPS SCAN Form all you have to do is to leave the package at the back door of the post office and you are done. Once again this makes the overall process simpler and easier and it comes without any conditions you need to consider.

How to generate the USPS SCAN for ShipSaving

You can easily create a USPS SCAN form on ShipSaving by clicking the <Scan Forms> button under the <Shipments> drop down menu. The system allows you to select the start date and end date range for generating scan form, also you can easily generate multiple scan forms based on the warehouses. The scan forms generated into the PDF file will let the users print out and make the record.



USPS SCAN Form is something that is so simple and so desirable, yet so beneficial and important that all of you need to use it as soon as possible. Now you know all about USPS SCAN Form and why you should add it to your business. Maybe you will get even more benefits.

Written on:

July 28, 2021
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