8 Marketing Trends To Drive Sales in 2024

These marketing trends can help you structure your brand's marketing strategy.
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June 17, 2024

Marketing trends are closely related to consumer needs, and good marketing ensures that brands play to their strengths and remain relevant to their target audience.

ShipSaving lists 8 trends in marketing for 2024 that can help you structure your brand's marketing strategy.


1.Email Campaign

Email campaigns have always been a dominant model in the marketplace.

But the growing demand for personalization means that brands will have to enhance their email marketing strategies to create unique experiences.


2.Push Notification

On-demand conversations will become even more critical in 2024 when brands can use push notifications to connect with shoppers.

For example, consumers who have already made a purchase or potential consumers who have left their contact information with the intention of making a purchase, directing them to a page with personalized product suggestions.



Blogs are here to stay, as according to data, 56% of people who read an article make a purchase. In addition, content marketing helps increase brand credibility and drive conversions.


4. Directly Message

Let's take the example of Facebook Messenger, which offers a much faster way to communicate than email.

While chatbots support automation and the ability to create relevant keyword guidance in the context of a conversation, the highlight of direct communication lies in the immediate human-to-human interaction.


5.Visualization Promotion

Consumers prefer visual content to plain text, and the success of platforms like Instagram and TikTok proves this.

To create effective videos, brands should consider using a reliable video editor. Taking advantage of its features, like an AI voice generator, pre-made templates, and video translator, can enhance the overall quality of your content..


6. Optimization of Cell Phone Usage

Consumers are relying on their phones more than ever - more and more people are spending more time on their phones and spending more money through them.

It's also a must for brands looking to target a younger audience. As their purchasing power grows, these audiences will need smooth mobile experiences that allow them to make quick purchases.


7.Social Media Shopping

Social media shopping is not new, but it is becoming a mainstream way for consumers to shop. Instagram, for example, allows shoppers to buy directly through their favorite social media platforms.

More brands will connect their social media channels to their websites and sell their products directly through these platforms in 2024.


8. Keep Videos Short

The popularity of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube show that consumers expect to see easy-to-understand content from their favorite brands, so brands need to engage viewers within the first three seconds of a video.


ShipSaving has listed the following tips on how to start managing and building with trends:
  • Track trends on social media
  • Asking your users what they want to see from you
  • Follow reliable marketing blogs and read industry news
  • Keep an eye on your competitors' marketing strategies



We know that researching these marketing trends can take more of your time. But you can save your energy elsewhere to focus on creating your brand marketing approach.

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Written on:

January 17, 2023
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