A Second Postage Rate Increase from USPS 2021

On August 29th, USPS’ proposal of a postage rate increase will take effect for mailing services.
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June 22, 2023
On Sunday, August 29th, USPS’ proposal of a postage rate increase will take effect for mailing services (letter, postcards). If the Postal Regulatory Commission grants approval, this will be the second proposal this year to increase postage rate, with the first taking effect on January 24th.

For e-commerce merchants, it’s worth noting that package services such as First Class Package Service and Priority Mail will be exempted from this increase. The now proposed August 2021 rate increase only applies to First Class Mail letters, postcards, and mailing services, but it’s subject to change. 

Those of you who’d like to know more about specific rate change and services, we’ve listed some highlights below:

  • For postage purchased at the Post Office, the rate for a First Class Mail Letter (1 oz.) will increase by 3 cents from $0.55 to $0.58. However, for First Class Mail, the cost of each additional ounce remains $0.20.
  • For Flat/Large Envelope (1 oz.), the rate will increase to $1.16 from $1, while additional ounces still cost $0.20. 

First Class Mail Letter Rates - as of August 29, 2021

In August 2021, domestic mail services will be increased. Certified Mail will cost $3.75 instead of $3.60, a $0.15 increase. Registered Mail will cost $13.75 instead of $12.90, an increase of $0.85.

Domestic Mail Extra Services - as of August 29, 2021

ShipSaving will automatically update all USPS prices inside the software once it changes after the rates are approved by the PRC.

If you're a customer of ShipSaving, you won't need to do anything else; the software will automatically display the 2021 USPS pricing. 

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August 17, 2021
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