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Batch processing is something modern technology that is so beneficial for your business.
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July 25, 2023
How are you managing your orders? Are you printing one label at a time or do you do this with multiple labels at the same moment? Regardless of your answer, you will need to understand batch processing or to use some possible methods to improve it and make your order management easier and simpler. 

All of this and so much more will be discussed below:

What is batch processing?

Batch processing refers to an automatic process in which a computer will manage a high amount of jobs or tasks during a specific period of time. In most cases this is a non-stop process that is essential for countless businesses out there. 

Thanks to batch processing, a business is able to process a large number of orders or processes in a little time using as few resources as possible. Most of the processes we are discussing are processed at the same time, simultaneously. 

Batch processing is an important and mandatory upgrade to your business and the one you should consider right now. 

There are plenty of benefits of using batch processing and now we will reveal all of them in the section below.:

Benefits of Batch Processing

Batch processing is a truly remarkable upgrade that has massive importance to the overall functionality of a business. It comes with several benefits and some of them are the key ingredient you have been looking for. 

Faster and more affordable alternative

There is no other way to say this rather than batch processing is the most affordable and the fastest way out there. Let’s compare it with traditional, clerk-based data entry. 

A clerk will require a salary, he will have plenty of additional free time and he will go on a holiday. Basically this is an ordinary job. Now let’s take a look at computer batch processing. You won’t have to pay a clerk, you don’t need any hardware except a computer and this method will work 24/7. What this means is that you can save tons of money because you won’t pay for something that is obsolete these days. The savings can be massive, depending on your business size and the orders you manage.

No error risk

As you would imagine, a computer won’t make a mistake and you will get 100% accurately managed all the orders. On the other hand, we have a clerk, who will make a mistake at some point. 

Believe it or not, batch processing is an extremely reliable process that is mostly used by major businesses and also by those who are looking to eliminate the risk of any error. 

Online and offline processing is available

All the orders can be managed during the working hours and online, or they can be managed offline. It is actually up to you which method you prefer. All we can add is that batch management can be completed during the weekend or at night when there is no personnel at the facility. A computer will complete the task and the orders will be ready in the morning. 

Offline also means that you do not need an internet connection or anything similar. The offline mode can decrease the processing costs even more and help you boost the profit.

A hands-off system that can manage massive processes

Processing a large number of orders or processes, in general, can be a nightmare. Managers will have to do it all manually, one order at a time and they will need days to complete the smallest task. Even then the task isn’t completed and they will have to start over again, with a new batch. 

Batch processing, on the other hand, can be used all the time and hands-off style is commonly present. The manager can relax and focus his attention on something else rather than on order or process management. These days there is no better alternative than batch processing for managing massive jobs or tasks. 

If you are still interested in the process you can use ShipSaving. The system allows you to edit batch order, to control batch documents, picking lists and so much more. In general, you can control up to 500 batch labels per batch. All the batch labels can be printed in different types based on geographic, categories or chronologic orders. The system will use the lowest shipping cost according to the specified services. 

We recommend this system due to the fact it is a great way to save money and time and it is extremely easy to use. 

The final word

Batch processing is something modern technology can provide and something that is so beneficial and important for your business that all your rivals have been using it for years. Now you can join them and you can get more free time, save money and make sure there are no errors with the processes. 

Written on:

August 12, 2021
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