Can USPS Be Used Outside Of The U.S.?

Meet these 2 requirements to purchase USPS labels outside of the U.S.
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May 3, 2023

People are more familiar with some carriers that specialize in international delivery, such as DHL and TNT. In reality, however, the USPS's low shipping rates in domestic have caused people to overlook the rest of the USPS's services. Many wonders if they can purchase USPS labels and take advantage of the great discounts to ship their packages.

Now ShipSaving will share with you the good news that you can purchase labels outside of the United States using USPS, but two requirements need to be met.

1. A Physical United States Origin Address

If you live outside of the United States, the only way to use USPS is if you can provide a valid U.S. country of origin address. USPS only provides postage for shipments from the United States. Therefore, you need a shipping address within the United States to purchase USPS labels.

If you meet the above requirements, you can use USPS services within the United States and anywhere else in the world.

2. Someone can Handle Your Packages

ShipSaving reminds you to make sure you have someone available to help you when purchasing USPS labels if you are not in the United States. In addition, you will need someone in the U.S. to deliver the package to USPS in person.

The following is an example of a standard USPS service for shipping from the United States to China:

Priority Mail Express International:

The price is a little bit expensive, but the delivery is fast and guaranteed to reach China customs in 3-5 working days. In addition, there is a package tracking function and $100 document/$200 content insurance for shipping to China.

Priority Mail International:

The price is affordable with fast shipping, 6-10 days to China customs. It has tracking and up to $100 free insurance but no money-back guarantee.

First-Class Mail International:

The price is lower but will take longer to deliver. USPS officially says it can be delivered in 10-20 days, but there are often delays, no effective tracking out of the U.S. and no insurance.

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Written on:

August 12, 2022
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