Does USPS Deliver on Saturday?

Find out how USPS delivery schedule might affect your shipments.
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August 8, 2023

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an essential part of our daily lives, handling millions of mail and packages each day. One common question many people have is, "Does USPS deliver on Saturday?" The answer is not as straightforward as you might think. This blog post will explore the USPS delivery schedule on Saturdays and shed light on the different mail classes and packages that are eligible for weekend deliveries.

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday? 

The short answer is yes! Saturday is a typical operation day for USPS. According to the USPS’s official website, these services are operating on Saturday:

However, USPS does not specify whether USPS Ground Advantage, First Class Mail, and Media Mail can be delivered or not. 

Especially for Media Mail, since Media Mail is a cost-effective way of shipping books, CDs, posters, etc. USPS cannot guarantee delivery time if you use Media Mail service. 

Therefore, if your items have to be delivered on weekends, your safest option will be Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. ShipSaving summarizes each USPS service’s estimated delivery time for your reference. 

Resources: USPS Mail and Shipping Services 

What Time Does USPS Deliver on Saturday 

The normal delivery hours for USPS are from 9 AM-5 PM from Monday to Saturday. With that being said, all deliveries should be made by 5 PM local time. However, keep in mind that USPS may adjust their delivery schedules during peak seasons, holidays, or due to unforeseen circumstances like severe weather conditions or natural disasters.

If you would like to receive information about your package status, whether it is delivered or not, you can use USPS Informed Delivery which will send auto-updates to you through your email address. 

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday? 

Surprisingly, USPS also delivers on Sundays too, but USPS only has two services that ship on Sundays: Priority Mail Express and Amazon parcels. 

Priority Mail Express delivers 7 days a week, 365 days all year round. Priority Mail Express has a guaranteed delivery time, and packages should be delivered at 6 PM at the end of the day. This fact led to the Priority Mail Express service being the most expensive one out of the other services; the price for Priority Mail Express starts at $26.75. 

What are Amazon parcels? USPS and Amazon reached a deal in 2013 that USPS ships Amazon packages so that Amazon customers can enjoy two-day shipping over the weekends. Sunday delivery also became an option for non-Prime members at the same time. 

Since Amazon parcels are an internal deal between Amazon and USPS, Priority Mail Express is the only accessible USPS service for normal customers to use for Sunday delivery. 

Benefits of Using USPS Weekend Delivery Services

To better help you make a decision, ShipSaving concludes several advantages of using USPS Weekend Delivery: 

  1. $100 insurance is covered: Both Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail auto-include $100 insurance in case anything happens to the package. 
  2. Tracking available: USPS packages can be tracked through Informed Delivery at no cost. 
  1. Free Pickup service: Both Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express come with a free package pickup service.
  1. No extra charge for Saturday Delivery: USPS does not charge any additional fees for Saturday delivery. Priority Mail Express charges an additional fee for Sunday and holiday delivery. 


Does USPS deliver on weekends? The answer is yes. USPS typically delivered items on Saturdays during regular business hours. USPS Priority Mail Express delivers on Sunday too at an additional cost.

Overall, USPS offers a variety of services to cater to different people’s needs. If you are looking for a service that can deliver on weekends. USPS would be a good option for you.

Lastly, please do not forget to register a free ShipSaving account. ShipSaving can help you save up to 89% off USPS shipping rates to help you save money. 

Written on:

August 8, 2023
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