FedEx: Holiday 2021 Shipping Rates and Surcharges

FedEx releases peak season surcharges and fees for 2021 holiday season.
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June 22, 2023
As the logistics carrier prepares for another hectic peak season, FedEx released surcharges and fees for the upcoming holiday season.Β 

Shipping surcharges are the fees that are added to the base cost of transporting goods. For example, residential delivery, oversized packages, and weekend delivery all incur carrier surcharges of different amounts.

Given that FedEx has stated that surcharges would remain an essential element of their strategy with sustained high demand for capacity and higher operating expenses across the logistic networks. The spike in residential volume is expected to continue into the new year.

Using surcharges during the peak season has become common practice across all shipping carriers to recover from the increasing operational costs. Even the USPS has implemented surcharges for the holiday season.

FedEx Peak Season Surcharge – All Customers


*See the FedEx Service Guide for the criteria and characteristics of these surcharges.

*FedEx Ground Economy is a contract-only service.

FedEx Peak Season Surcharge – High Volume Customers

Customers who send more than 25,000 packages per week are subject to this set of peak surcharges. On those, FedEx uses a more complicated "Peaking Factor" computation.

Shippers can learn more about the surcharge or speak with a ShipSaving representative about how it will affect their business this year.

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Increased FedEx surcharges indicate an increase in shipping costs for FedEx shippers.

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August 24, 2021
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