Guide to Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCNs)

An ECCN is used to identify items that may be subject to export control.
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February 27, 2024

1. What is an ECCN number?

A key in determining whether an export license is needed from the Department of Commerce is finding out if the item you intend to export has a specific Export Control Classification Number (ECCN). ECCNs are five character alpha-numeric designations used on the Commerce Control List (CCL) to identify dual-use items for export control purposes. An ECCN categorizes items based on the nature of the product, i.e. type of commodity, software, or technology and its respective technical parameters.

An ECCN is different from a Schedule B number, which is used by the Bureau of Census to collect trade statistics. It is also different from the Harmonized Tariff System Nomenclature, which is used to determine import duties.


2. ECCN Coding Rules

All ECCNs are listed in the Commerce Control List (CCL) (Supplement No. 1 to Part 774 of the EAR), which is divided into ten broad categories, and each category is further subdivided into five product groups. The first character of the ECCN identifies the broader category to which it belongs and the second character identifies the product group (see example and boxes below).


3. If Your Item is Not on the Commerce Control List - EAR99

If your item falls under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Commerce and is not listed on the CCL, it is designated as EAR99. The majority of commercial products are designated EAR99 and generally will not require a license to be exported or reexported. However, if you plan to export an EAR99 item to an embargoed or sanctioned country, to a party of concern, or in support of a prohibited end-use, you may be required to obtain a license. (To obtain further assistance regarding the ECCN of your product, see our or review the “How to Request an ECCN” brochure.)

Please note

According to the requirements of the U.S. Export-Import Administration, parcels sent from the U.S. to China (Hong Kong, Macau), Russia, and Venezuela require an ECCN number, which can be found in the information below (or above.) The ECCN is the export control code for the item being mailed; if you are unable to determine it, you may call the U.S. Export-Import Administration at 202-482-4811.

It is recommended that you add the ECCN/EAR99 to the SKU or Title of the item to avoid your package being held or returned because you did not provide the information.


Written on:

April 19, 2022
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