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See the top ways WMS can improve your customer's experience.
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June 22, 2023
Your customers are more important than you may believe. If they are satisfied, you will have a repetitive customer, which is excellent for any business. If you are an unhappy customer, you will lose several potential ones as well! That’s why customer satisfaction is extremely important and something you should look to improve all the time. Here are a few options you can use to do precisely that with effective warehouse management.

Never stay without items to ship

The worst thing you can do to your business is obviously to stay without any items to sell. This is known as understocking and it can occur in one of three ways.

  • False data- The data you have about the items in your warehouse is inaccurate. Usually, computer data doesn’t match the actual numbers or paper data. Recheck your inventory.
  • Late re-ordering- You may be selling more items than you order so you will stay without products to sell. Make sure to order a new batch as soon as you think is right.
  • Don't communicate to your personnel- Your personal may want to tell you that you are low on items, so talk to them.

There is one solution for all three issues. It is called Warehouse Management System or WMS and it allows you to manage the item count from one place at any given moment and to manage the warehouse inventory with extreme accuracy. Obviously, this will prevent any understocking and help you always have more items to sell. 

ShipSaving is an excellent solution that will help you save money and time. It is a platform that helps you with logistics and also with entire warehouse management. At the same time, you can use it for labels, tracking of the shipments, and enjoy advanced analytic reports within the platform. These are just the main features. The platform has many more and it is something that has been used by large and small businesses for a long period of time.

Boost your order fulfillment

If you have a small business or you are trying to save some money by doing extra work, you should use the self-fulfillment of the orders. This is a process that starts with the customer order and ends up with you shipping the package. You also need to provide tracking details for each package. 

Self-fulfillment of the orders is an effective strategy you can use to boost your warehouse management and also to improve customer satisfaction. At the same time, it can help you save some money by doing a part of the process by yourself. 

More efficient delivery 

Efficient package delivery is the key to a successful business. If a package is one day late, it may have a catastrophic effect on the business itself. That’s why improving delivery is always a safe and highly recommended option. There are three things you can do to ensure that.

  • Call your warehouse manager- Once an order is received, your warehouse will need a few minutes to complete it and ship the package. To get the best results, always call a warehouse manager instead of sending a text or email. 
  • Use WMS- This is a solution we already have discussed earlier. Use it to locate an item in one of your warehouses or stores. Shipping is much faster and more reliable after that. 
  • Use several curriers- A simple trick that will boost your shipping and delivery. Basically, you will maintain faster shipping of a large number of items. 

Importance of communication

As a business owner, you should or better said you must always keep clear and transparent communication with your personnel. By using this obvious tip, you will know which products must be ordered, which ones don’t sell well, and also know all about possible issues that may decrease the customer satisfaction rate.

One way to make this even easier is the automation of the processes. There are countless options out there and each one works well. Even then, you need to stay in touch with your workforce and always consider additional ways on how you can make it even better. 

Inform your employees on time

Inform and talk to your employees about any change or improvement you will offer to your customers. They need to know it first and they may even have some additional tips on how you can make this even easier and more possible. They should inform you about any changes or variables also. 

An interesting advantage of this tip is that you will always know about changes in the warehouse. You will be able to find a product, pack it, and ship it in less time than usual. You won’t lose any time looking for employees around a warehouse or even worse looking for items to ship. 

Adjust to the changes

Eventually, something will change. Your employee may leave you, your system may become damaged or something else. The goal is to always adapt to those changes and make sure they don’t have a negative effect on your business. There is no simple tip for this issue, but you will manage it well if you use all of the other tips we have provided here. 

Forecast demand for each season

Analyze the data from the last month, the last quarter and the last year when you can. Look for the items that sell the best and look for the relation between orders and shipments. By using it, you can predict which products are the most popular and the most needed at a specific period of time. Acquire them accordingly. 

Have a plan B

Always consider having a separate plan. In other words, have a plan of what to offer and what to do if something goes wrong. For instance, a package may fail to be delivered. It may be damaged and it may be stolen. Create a plan that protects your customers but you as well. 


When you have the best possible warehouse management, you will always ship a package within minutes or hours. You will also always deliver that package on time, making your customer happy. A happy customer is the best customer. In a nutshell, with these simple tips, you can make your business grow and become better developed, bigger, and more profitable. 

Written on:

May 21, 2021
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