How to use USPS QR code to print label?

You can print a label even if you don't have a printer at ShipSaving.

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USPS is one of the carrier giants in the United States, it has been developing more user-friendly features in addition to its low shipping rates. The emergence of these features responds to the development of the times and makes people's daily shipping more and more convenient.

However, many people are still traditionally looking at USPS. USPS has many excellent handy services, and ShipSaving recommends one of them - Label Broker™, a QR code printing service for labels.

What is the Label Broker?

Label Broker is a convenient service offered by USPS. Small businesses and individual shippers can purchase USPS shipping label online, generate it as a QR code, and print it at the post office counter. This service is designed to make mailing easier for those who do not access to a printer. 

How does the USPS Label Broker work?

After you have entered the package information in ShipSaving's system and clicked to confirm the purchase of the label, you will see a pop-up window asking you how to get the label. If you don't have a printer, you can choose [Get QR Code], and ShipSaving will automatically generate a QR code for you to take to the USPS post office for scanning.

Once you have selected it, ShipSaving will send a confirmation email with a QR code to your registered email address, or you can save the QR code with your phone.

How Do I Scan the USPS QR Code

If you possess a USPS Label Broker QR code, there is no need for you to scan it on your own. All you have to do is take the code to the Post Office when you bring in your shipment, and a USPS employee will scan the QR code for you. Inform the clerk that you have a Label Broker ID with a QR code. They will use their equipment to scan the code and retrieve the USPS shipping label connected with your ID. The label will then be printed automatically.

  • Scan your QR code
  • Print the label for you and attach it to the package
  • Provide you with a receipt
  • Send the package right from their location

Does all USPS offer this service?

Fortunately, this service is now available at almost all participating post offices. If you are concerned about whether the USPS near your home offers this service, then you can check online using USPS Location Finder by entering your zip code.

Please note the USPS Label Broker feature is only available for domestic shipments within the United States. However, ShipSaving does offer other online services for managing international shipments, including create and print international shipping labels, calculate postage rates, and schedule free pickups.

Additionally, ShipSaving offers pre-filled customs forms to ensure that your international shipments comply with all necessary requirements. If you need further assistance with international shipping, you can contact our customer support team for additional information.

How to use ShipSaving to ship USPS packages

After you learn how to send packages through the USPS Label Broker service, we recommend using ShipSaving to purchase USPS shipping labels. ShipSaving's pricing plans include everything you need; whether you're sending one package or thousands, there are no limits.

Final Words

USPS QR codes have become an essential tool for businesses and customers alike in simplifying and streamlining the shipping process.

The USPS Label Broker service, in particular, provides a convenient way for businesses to buy and print shipping labels in bulk, saving time and improving efficiency. As a customer, you can receive your unique Label Broker ID with a QR code from the merchant you ordered from, and take it to any USPS location to have your shipping label printed.

All USPS locations are equipped to scan the QR code and retrieve the necessary information. By leveraging the benefits of USPS QR codes and the Label Broker service, you can make shipping and tracking packages a hassle-free experience.

You can try out ShipSaving for Starter for free, with no subscription fees or service charges, and easily reduce costs.

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