No-label Shipping with UPS now available on ShipSaving

UPS no-label shipping makes shipping more accessible and convenient.
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June 14, 2024

Have you ever been frustrated when you needed to create a shipping label but didn’t have access to a printer? UPS has a solution! UPS no-label shipping makes shipping more accessible and convenient. With this feature, you only need to select a mobile barcode with UPS on ShipSaving and drop off your packages at your local The UPS Store® location.

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of how to use no-label shipping with UPS to ship, and the benefits of using it.

What is No Label Shipping and How to Use it?

It is a UPS technology enhancement on ShipSaving that allows you to generate a mobile barcode. From there, you can take your pre-packaged shipment to the nearest The UPS Store® location, and the store clerk will scan the mobile barcode right there and print the shipping label for you. No printer required and no additional cost!

Wondering how to get the mobile barcode?

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Purchasing a shipping label from ShipSaving is easy, with a few simple steps! Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter the ship-to and ship-from addresses, followed by filling in the package information. Then, simply click “Get Rate” to see the shipping options.
  2. Choose a UPS shipping service and select "Buy a Label." A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to choose how you'd like to obtain the label. Simply click "Get Barcode," and ShipSaving will generate a barcode for you.
  1. Users can download the barcode after purchasing and click “Drop Off" to find the nearest UPS drop-off location. Also, a confirmation email with the barcode will be sent to your registered email.
  1. Take your pre-packaged shipment to your local The UPS Store® location, and a UPS clerk will then scan the barcode and take care of the rest. No additional work needed!


Do all The The UPS Store® locations accept the mobile barcode for no label shipping with UPS?

Yes! Any The UPS Store® location will accept the mobile barcode when presented and print out the shipping label.

Which UPS® shipping services offer a mobile barcode (no label) shipping option?

All UPS U.S. domestic shipping services are enabled to use no label shipping with UPS. Most importantly, when you ship with UPS on ShipSaving, you can benefit not only from shipping discounts of up to 83% off*, but also these rates include Fuel Surcharge and Residential Surcharge for all services and Delivery Area Surcharge for Domestic Services.

Why should I try no label shipping with UPS?

  • Convenience: No printer is required, making the process more accessible, hassle-free and simpler. Plus, there are 5,000+ The UPS Store® locations in the U.S., making drop-off easy as well.
  • Affordability: You do not need to buy a printer for shipping labels. Or if you already have a printer, you don’t need to worry about using or restocking printer ink and paper in order to print your shipping label. Plus, using no label shipping comes at no extra cost to you!
  • Tracking: No-label shipping streamlines the shipping process and simplifies the tracking of packages thanks to 24/7 UPS tracking visibility.

Final Words

Whether you're a small business owner or an individual seeking shipping solutions,  no-label shipping with UPS offers accessibility and convenience. With the availability of over 5,000 The UPS Store® locations across the U.S., dropping off your packages has never been more effortless. For those diving into e-commerce, this feature is a valuable asset, eliminating the need to invest in a printer for shipping labels. Say goodbye to unnecessary expenses and inconvenience and hello to streamlined shipping processes with UPS.

*Discounts off UPS daily rates. Rates are limited to shipping from the U.S. only. Rates and any applicable discounts are subject to change at any time without notice.

Written on:

April 15, 2024
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