ShipSaving Now Offers Better USPS Rates

Now you can save up to 15%off the existing USPS Commercial Pricing.
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February 27, 2024

Today, we are pleased to share that ShipSaving customers now get better rates with USPS. With the growth of e-commerce businesses, shipping needs are becoming increasingly important. By collaboration with USPS, we can offer our users the lowest discounted rates and better serve our growing user base.

Now you can save up to 15%off the existing USPS Commercial Pricing and up to 84%off against USPS Retail Pricing!

What does the new USPS rate mean?

  • The lowest rates are up to 15%off Commercial Plus Pricing on USPS Priority Mail
  • Even the cheapest Priority Mail Cubic Pricing can get additional discounts
  • ShipSaving users get the best shipping price possible on your holiday shipments

The update to the peak season surcharge has created shipping concerns for many merchants and individual shippers alike, especially now that the holiday season is approaching. 

But the good news is that ShipSaving's newest USPS rates can put your worries to rest because it means you can get a discount whether you ship on the holidays or not.

What are the new USPS rates?

Our mission is to provide the most cost-efficient and time-efficient shipping solution to help eCommerce merchants and individual shippers enjoy their shipping journey.

For ShipSaving’s users, it means you can access exclusive Priority Mail pricing that is lower than standard retail prices, and most services are not affected by peak season shipping costs on qualifying shipments, including: 

  • All Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes & Boxes
  • All Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelopes 
  • Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes up to Zone 6
  • Priority Mail Cubic rates up to Zone 6
  • Weight-based shipments <10 lbs up to Zone 6

With ShipSaving, users can rest assured that they are getting the cheapest USPS rates - with no volume commitments or hidden fees

How does this new plan impact me?

As a ShipSaving user, it means you can save even more money when shipping packages through USPS.

While the new rates vary based on specific service levels, package weights and service areas, you should see an average savings of 8% compared to the previously available Priority Mail pricing.

How to access this pricing?

You don't have to do anything to benefit from our new USPS rates. When you sign in to your ShipSaving account to begin purchasing a shipping order, the rates for the applicable packages will automatically be displayed, giving you immediate access to the lowest USPS rates.

Written on:

October 20, 2022
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