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Using social media for eCommerce is mandatory and highly recommended in 2021.
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December 8, 2023
You may believe that social media is just for fun and it doesn’t have a clear, profitable, or business-related purpose. This is completely wrong. As a matter of fact, social media has an impressive, massive effect on e-commerce, and today you are going to learn how and why this happens. We will start with the basics and move towards more specific details.

Why are social media platforms so important for eCommerce?

The simplest answer we can give to you is customers. There are millions of them online and via social media, you can reach most of them. You can acquire a massive base of potential shoppers, users, customers, or clients easier than ever before. To give you a better idea about the matter, take a look at the numbers below.

  • Over 4.4 billion people use the internet. A steady increase of 9.1% is present per year.
  • 3.5 billion people use social media. The increase in usability is 9% per year.
  • 5.1 billion people use mobile phones. The increase is 2% per year.

In other words, you can have access to 3.5 billion people via social media platforms at any given moment. Add the fact these numbers are increasing as we speak or as the specified above and you can deduce that in the near future you will be able to gain access to even more people who are potential customers!

FlexClip, a versatile video creation platform, could be seamlessly integrated into this scenario. This integration is crucial, considering the increasing reliance on dynamic, engaging visual content to captivate the growing audience on social media platforms.

All of this is just half of the story. There is a second part we will discuss here. Once again, we will have to look at the figures to provide the best possible answer.

  • 87% of people who purchase products online believe social media offers them the right products and helps them with purchase.
  • 1 of 4 eCommerce business owners is using Facebook to sell his products.
  • Almost 40% of all merchants in the United States use social media platforms.
  • 30% of consumers like and want to purchase products from social media directly. 

Additionally, we can add that consumers appreciate social media and a high level of trust is applicable. They are also provided with carefully selected products according to their needs and their desires. Last but not least, all social media platforms work well via smartphones and tablets, allowing users to make a purchase at any given moment, from anywhere in the world. 

Best social media platforms for eCommerce in the United States

In this section, we will discuss the best social media platforms for eCommerce business owners in the United States. Yes, the oldest, the biggest, and the ones that were the best are still the most popular and very appealing. 

  1. Facebook

Facebook has over 1.4 billion users ranging between 18 and 65 years of age. 66% are women and 77% are men. This means that you can easily use Facebook to target potential consumers according to their age, gender, or more. Furthermore, Facebook has amazing advertising capabilities and consumers are served with various ads on the site and in the messenger. 

  1. YouTube

YouTube has 1 billion users across the world. Over 70% of the users are men. The platform is focused on videos as you may know already and there are countless perks here for eCommerce businesses. Large companies have been using the platform for a long period of time and we believe it has a huge potential. Also, this platform is one of the fastest-growing platforms of the kind. 

  1. Instagram

Instagram has 300+ million users. However, the number of new users is much higher than with other platforms which makes it ideal for eCommerce businesses who want to grow, develop new clientele and so much more. 26% of online users use Instagram. Most of them are women, but the difference is minimal. Instagram offers a checkout page, meaning you can purchase an item directly on the page or via the app and not leave the platform. 

  1. Twitter

Twitter has 300+ million users. Most of them are college educated younger people. In general, 21% of all the users are women while 24% are men. 37% of them are adults. Here you can twit and post various photos, advertise your products and also use premium ads that work well. Keep in mind that posts are usually followed and monitored for a short period of time so you may want to post more frequently per day. 

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest has 47+ million users online. 80% of them are women and most of those users are actually moms. As such, this platform may be the best alternative for corresponding eCommerce businesses. In addition, 13% are men on the platform. 

Benefits of using social media marketing for eCommerce

Now when you know that using social media for eCommerce business is almost mandatory. The next step is to reveal the main benefits you are going to get. Without further ado, let’s begin.

  1. Consumers will become loyal

According to the latest research, 53% of social media users who follow a brand on social media become very loyal to it and they prefer its products, services, and more. In addition, social media allows you to create brand awareness and help consumers make up their choice. 

  1. High level of trust is guaranteed

With social media, you can build a trust that consumers are going to love. For this purpose, you may want to pay close attention to the reviews and various testimonials. 61% of shoppers read them and 88% claim they are extremely important.

  1. You will promote a brand easily

As you can assume, with social media you can increase awareness of a brand easily and within weeks. You have the ability to reach billions of people all across the world and present your brand as you like.

  1. Improve SEO

SEO means search engine optimization and it stands for adjusting the content so it is better ranked by search engines such as Google. These days, they also check SEO of social media posts to provide more accurate readings. 

  1. You can target specific people and trends

For example, with Twitter, you can use # hashtags to adjust and target the posts to a specific type of potential consumers. The situation is the same with other social media platforms, although there are some differences. 

  1. Get more traffic to your website

80% of social media users will share appealing posts. In other words, this means that you can get more traffic to your store, your blog, or a website. In addition, you can easily achieve this without any complications or issues. 

  1. Using social media advertising is very affordable 

Using ads on social media platforms is very simple and even more importantly, very affordable. You can set up campaigns for as low as $20 and still get some results. Of course, you will need more funds to reach more people and share ads to a wider audience.

Final Words

Social media is extremely important for all eCommerce business owners. First of all, you get the ability to reach billions of people from your computer. You can increase brand awareness, get traffic to a website, and even sell your products directly to the consumers. We can even deduce that suing social media is mandatory in 2020 and the future.

Written on:

April 12, 2021
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