The Top Shopping Trends of 2023

Learn the top consumer shopping trends of 2023 to unlock growth in the year ahead.
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June 23, 2023

Online shopping is evolving faster than ever in 2023, and consumer expectations are constantly changing.

However, consumer needs are changing rapidly, and e-commerce business owners must find ways to think as 'users' if they want to stay relevant to the consumer's mind.

That's why ShipSaving has prepared the latest shopping trends for 2023 in advance. As an e-commerce business, it's time to center on customer life behavior to map your marketing strategy.



No Longer Just Focus on Price Advantage

Contemporary young people's consumption is more rational and more thoughtful. They no longer focus only on the lowest-priced products but more on quality.Β 

As the economy continues to grow and people's quality of life improves, more than low prices are needed to motivate consumers to buy.

Other factors are also included, such as whether the merchant can donate a certain percentage of the purchase proceeds to charity, whether the product is made of environmentally friendly materials, etc.


Mobile is the Best Shopping Mall

It is undeniable that the emergence of mobile phones, especially smartphones, has brought great convenience to our lives. This pocket-sized device has gradually penetrated all areas of our lives.Β 

Especially for shopping, research shows that about 75% of online consumers prefer to use mobile phones for shopping because it saves time and improves efficiency.Β 

This means that e-commerce companies should pay more attention to whether their websites can respond to mobile devices and optimize them in real time to suit the shopping preferences of most people better.


Social Media

Since 2020, the home isolation brought about by the epidemic has prompted more and more people to fall in love with online shopping, and the social and mobile e-commerce industries have also risen.

76% of social media users said they would be influenced by the platform's content when shopping online. Plenty of users will shop online on social platforms such as "Instagram", "Facebook", "TikTok" and "Twitter". "The platform can often inspire users' shopping inspiration.


Celebrity Marketing with Live Streaming

The turbulent trend of the live delivery of goods and justice has become a craze pursued by enterprises. Major enterprises are afraid of missing opportunities and falling behind competitors.

Vivid descriptions driven by celebrities make consumers feel unprecedented shopping pleasure. Nearly 60% of marketers say celebrity marketing will be the most effective marketing trend by 2021, ahead of SEO, experiential marketing, and short video content. This type of marketing model may continue; for e-commerce companies, it is undoubtedly an opportunity that should be seized.


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December 6, 2022
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