UPS Declared Value: How it works

UPS has different pricing for maximum declared value depending on the services.
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June 23, 2023

UPS automatically provides a loss or damage benefit of $100 for all packages. Of course, shippers have the option of delivering additional charges to declare a higher price for their shipments. ShipSaving would like to remind you that UPS's Declared Value is not insurance.

What is the cost of UPS declared value?

As ShipSaving mentioned earlier, UPS is free for any declared value up to $100. However, if it is in the range of $100 < n ≤ $300, $3.45 will be charged. If it is greater than $300, $1.15 will be charged for every $100 of declared value.

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Although UPS can pay for the contents of a package up to a certain amount, UPS has initiatives due to the wide variety of quality and types of items.

Therefore, UPS is not responsible for loss or damage resulting in transit from below. 

Please see the list compiled for you by ShipSaving:

  • Prepaid Letters
  • ordinary wear or tear
  • Articles of unusual value
  • Checks: UPS will not pay for the face value of the check
  • Fluorescent tubes or bulbs
  • Improper packaging
  • Perishable Commodities
  • Human remains
  • Insects or vermin, deterioration, dampness of atmosphere, extreme temperature, Data stored on any media
  • Acts of God, natural disasters, war risks, acts of terrorism, nuclear damage, acts of public authorities, riots, strikes, civil unrest, disruptions in air or ground transportation networks, or adverse weather conditions;
  • Any package or shipment without a scan


Did you know that UPS has different pricing for maximum declared value depending on the service and product category?

Also, if you have a UPS account or ship a package from a UPS store, the maximum declared value can be up to $50,000.

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Written on:

July 14, 2022
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