USPS Gears Up for the Holiday Season: What You Need to Know

USPS confirms no surcharges for 2023, with major enhancements for the holiday rush.
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October 2, 2023

Hello ShipSaving community! The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and as always, we're here to keep you informed about the latest shipping updates. This year, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has some exciting news that will benefit all our users.

A Holiday Gift from USPS: No Surcharges

One of the most significant announcements from USPS this year is the absence of holiday surcharges. This is a game-changer for many businesses, especially during a time when shipping costs can escalate. With no additional fees for residential area delivery, Saturday delivery, or for minimum volumes, businesses can better predict their shipping expenses and possibly pass on the savings to their customers.

USPS's Stellar Performance

‍Last year, USPS showcased its efficiency by processing over 11.7 billion mailpieces and packages during the holiday season, with an impressive average delivery time of just 2.5 days. Their commitment to timely deliveries has only grown stronger in 2023, with 98% of the nation's population receiving their mail and packages in less than three days.

Investments for a Seamless 2023 Peak Season

‍USPS is continuously innovating and investing to enhance its services:

  • Workforce Expansion: Beyond converting over 150,000 pre-career workers into career positions since October 2020, USPS plans to hire an additional 10,000 seasonal employees to handle the holiday rush.
  • Technological Advancements: The introduction of 348 new package sorting machines since 2021 ensures faster and more reliable package processing.
  • Boosted Processing Capacity: With the capacity to process approximately 70 million packages daily, USPS is well-prepared for the peak season.
  • Efficient Transportation: The shift to ground transportation for 95% of First-Class Mail and packages guarantees more reliability.
  • USPS Ground Advantage: This new offering ensures packages reach their destination in just two-to-five business days across the continental US.


Words from the Top

‍Postmaster General and CEO Louis DeJoy reiterates the USPS's commitment to every package and letter sent during the holidays. His confidence in the organization's ability to handle the peak season surge is reassuring for all businesses and individuals relying on USPS.


Get Ready for the Rush

For more tools, tips, and insights to help you navigate the holiday shipping frenzy, you can visit the USPS Holiday Newsroom.

Interested in Peak Season Surcharges?

‍For those curious about peak season surcharges and how they might impact your business, check out our detailed blog post on peak season surcharge. It provides a comprehensive overview and valuable insights to help you plan better.

We hope this information helps you prepare for the upcoming holiday season. At ShipSaving, we're always here to support and guide you. Happy shipping!


Written on:

October 2, 2023
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