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June 22, 2023
COVID-19 made permanent changes to how we work, shop, and live. While e-commerce sales surged in 2020, consumers are also becoming more demanding, expecting quality service, free and fast shipping.

Shipping used to be reasonably fast, customers usually went for standard shipping and expected to receive their orders in a week; but now, 2-day delivery, next day delivery, and even same day delivery are becoming the norm.

Online retail giants like Amazon and Walmart are pouring money into shipping, leveraging their advantages and elevating consumers’ expectations on shipping.

Not only is it important for today’s Ecommerce merchants to keep up with such online shopping trends but also figure out a cost-effective way to compete with such big companies. 

What is DHL Express?

DHL Express is the fastest possible parcel delivery you can get at the moment. It covers over 220 countries and has over 500.000 employees working around the clock to deliver your packages.

The fleet specifically used by DHL Express uses 40.000+ vehicles, 250 aircrafts, and also 100.000 specially trained personnel. It is so fast that massive companies have been using it for high-importance parcels for quite some time.

Now you can use it as well. At first sight, service looks like any other. You contact DHL, a courier will pick up the parcel and deliver it. However, there are a few more possibilities with this particular service.

DHL Express comes in 3 different options. As a user, you can pick the one that matches your desire the most. Below, you can see the main elements and the main characteristics of each one. 

Important: DHL Express 9:00 is actually up to 10:30 in the United States. 

We must mention another service called DHL Sameday Sprintline. It has the same requirements as the DHL Express 9:00 but the delivery is on the same day. This is possible in most countries and for most international deliveries. 

All of these services are paired with an additional possibility known as DHL On Demand Delivery. It is a mobile-friendly platform where users can keep track of the shipments, find, collect, or even reschedule the service. It is very easy to use and works with all parcels and all packages. See how DHL On Demand integrates with ShipSaving.

Main advantages of DHL Express

  1. DHL Express is already well-known and highly rated by business owners.
  2. Most packages can be delivered on the next business day. This applies to all major cities and locations. It may apply to international shipping as well. 
  3. DHL Express is extremely easy to use and comes without complicated steps, processes, or anything else.
  4. Users can create multiple labels, use various components, and also dedicated support at any given moment. 
  5. Users can insure their packages with various insurance types useful for parcels of high value.
  6. For most shipments, a courier will pick up the package, travel with it, and deliver it to the desired destination. 
  7. DHL Express is reliable, cares for your parcels, and offers money-back guarantee to all of the parcels. 
  8. DHL Express has its own aircraft used for delivering packages that are not shared with other services.
  9. Over 80% of the world is covered with the service and delivery is possible in most parts of the world on the next business day. 

Main features of DHL Express

By now you should know that DHL Express isn’t an ordinary service and we can even call it special. What this means is that there are plenty of features to offer and explain. We have organized and listed the main features as well as  below, the ones you are likely to use, and the ones you will want to know about before using DHL Express for the first time.

  • There are 3 main versions of the service. They are DHL Express Worldwide, DHL Express 12:00, and DHL Express 9:00. Keep in mind that DHL Express 9:00 is known as 10:30 in the United States. 
  • DHL Express Envelope is available for all users who want to ship small and lightweight documents internationally or domestically. A package will be delivered on the next day.
  • DHL On Demand Delivery is available for all users. Here you can track the shipments, reroute, schedule, and arrange pick up easily using your mobile smartphone only.
  • DHL Express has similar or identical packaging requirements as other shipping services. There are no major differences. It is important that the item is well-packed with protective wrapping and secured during transport.
  • The service doesn’t accept specific items and products which include human remains, live animals, explosives, ammo, Samsung Note 7, cash, IATA PI968 section II lithium batteries, and more.
  • DHL Express offers countless optional services users can use at any given moment. They are not mandated to be used in any sub-service.
  • DHL Express comes with 2 delivery attempts and if the package is not delivered the same will be returned to its sender.
  • Professional agents are used for all deliveries regardless of the sub-service and without any limitations. 
  • Working hours of the personnel are Monday-Friday 9 am- 9 pm and on Saturdays between 9 am and 6 pm.
  •  Additional insurance can be used for items and parcels of high value.

DHL Express Surcharges

Before you start using DHL Express, it’s essential to learn about their surcharge policies to avoid additional cost. Check out the table for more information and the specifics regarding the service and the costs. 

Final Words

With all that said, DHL Express is the best choice for e-commerce merchants to ship and deliver as quickly as possible. ShipSaving provides discounts up to 70% off on DHL Express shipping labels and charges no monthly subscription fee. Sign up now for free! And if you have any questions, contact us at support@shipsaving.com

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April 13, 2021
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