What is Multi-Piece Shipment (MPS)?

This article tells you what Multi-piece shipment is and why people use it.
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May 2, 2023

Multi-piece shipments, also known as MPS, combine multiple packages under one tracking number. If a group of packages needs to be shipped to the same address, various packages will be integrated under the shipping label and share the tracking number. This can save the merchant's time and effort, and cost. MPS facilitates the merchant to check the destination of multiple packages through the tracking number.

When Do I Need to Use the Function of Multi-Piece Shipments?  

The multi-piece shipment feature is widely used. As a merchant, when you need to pack different packages for the same customer, you can combine this customer’s packages under the same tracking number through the MPS feature. Likewise, if you are an individual user and need to send multiple packages to the same address, MPS can help you group these packages. 

Please note that when you use the MPS feature, all packages must be shipped simultaneously. If you send a group of packages first and then send the rest of them later, additional charges will be applied to the packages sent later.

Which Carrier Provides the Feature of Multi-Piece Shipments? 

UPS and FedEx offer Multi-piece shipments. You can add your UPS and FedEx accounts to the ShipSaving system to use them directly on ShipSaving. Click on Settings-Integration, then go to Carriers, find the “Connect Your Carrier” button, and click on it. 

Benefits of Using Multi-Piece Shipments

Save Time and Management Costs 

The strength of MPS is to manage a bunch of packages going to the same address with a single tracking number. This allows companies to save time and management costs because the company does not need to spend a lot of time on shipping management to track where every package goes.

Save money 

MPS reduces the cost of generating AWB labels for each package in shipment, saving shipping costs. 

Easier and Faster Tracking 

Obviously, with MPS, people can check a bunch of packages’ status via one tracking number. This is because MPS treats a shipment as a whole rather than separate and distinct packages. 

How Can I Use the Multi-Piece Shipments Function in ShipSaving? 

Firstly, after logging in to your home page, please click “Buy A Label.”

After clicking on it, when you finish filling in shipping and package information, click “Add Package” in the bottom right corner of the page.

After clicking, Package #2 information will pop up automatically. Please fill in the corresponding package information.

After you fill in the rest of the information, please click "Get Rate" to get quotes from major carriers.

After you have selected a service, click "Buy Label" to generate multiple shipping labels. Please remember to put the corresponding shipping label on the corresponding size of the package.

Lastly, please remember to create a free ShipSaving account to start your journey of saving money!

Written on:

May 1, 2023
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