What Is the Cheapest Way to Ship Internationally?

Learn more about this global shipping carrier and the best rates.
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February 27, 2024

Expanding overseas may be a good step if you want to grow your e-commerce business, but that means you need to figure out how to ship internationally.

When choosing which carrier to ship with, you have many options: DHL Express, UPS, FedEx, and others. 

But why is DHL Express considered the top trusted international shipping company worldwide? Read below to learn more about this cheapest global shipping company and the best rates you can get.

What is DHL Express

DHL Express is the most popular service, which comes at a lower cost with slightly shorter delivery times. 

It offers a large variety of service options internationally with different shipping times and costs. Its services include some as expensive as the Same-Day service available both by road and by air. 

Why choose DHL Express

  • DHL is the most stable international express with an average 3-5 business days delivery date.
  • DHL has very high reliability, fast customer service response, and strong ability to handle claims, suitable for sending essential items with high value.
  • DHL has a price advantage for small cargoes, and the price of documents going through DHL is lower than UPS, FedEx, and other carriers.

From a document to a shipment up to 70kg, DHL Express international door-to-door delivery is the most reliable way to move a package virtually anywhere in the world. 

To help ensure faster Customs clearance be sure to:

  • Provide all necessary documents
  • List each commodity separately with accurate descriptions
  • Check for consistency across all documents
  • Make sure documents are clearly written, typed or electronically submitted
  • Provide as much detailed information as possible
  • Confirm that all associated costs are correct
  • Ensure that receiving country or person is not on a Denied Parties list 

Get the Best DHL Express Rates

If you use DHL official website to send packages, some details will be ignored, resulting in the package being sent incorrectly or not delivered. 

Use ShipSaving is the perfect way to avoid the misunderstanding of filling out your information. 

ShipSaving is the Certified Service Provider of DHL Express. Whether you are sending important documents, packages or need international shipping services, we can meet your needs.

Step 1, Fill out the Shipping Information

Go to menu Create a Shipment; Fill out the Ship From and Ship To information; (the system will auto-fill the address, please make sure it's all correct)

Step 2, Fill out the Package Information

Enter package's dimension and weight; (you can also select from the DHL package list or your customized box)

Also, you can select ship date, signatures, insurance, custom print, etc. If you send an international package, ShipSaving can help you auto-generate the Custom Form directly.

Step 3, Get Rates & Print Label

After filling out all the information, click Get Rates to display all the carrier's rate lists. Choose the cheapest carrier or the fastest shipping at your preference.

Why Choose ShipSaving

Get your eCommerce right for international shipping. Break into new regions with discounted rates and advanced technology with ShipSaving.

Once you are spoiled by DHL Express, it’s difficult to go back and give up all the convenience. Not only does it bring you loyal returning customers, it also helps branding, marketing, and building trust.

  1. $0 Subscription fee Sign up with ShipSaving is totally free. No volume requirement & absolutely no hidden costs & markups
  2. Schedule Free Pick-ups Sit back, enjoy ShipSaving's exclusive DHL free pick-up service, make a call, and done.
  3. Delivered in Days Leave the job to the fastest courier in the world, get real-time updates, and done.

Final Words

To conclude, the cheapest international shipping options are:

  1. Go to DHL postal office because they offer international shipping rates cheaper than other carriers.
  2. With ShipSaving, you get direct access to DHL Express. Save up to 70% on shipping rates when shipping internationally. 

Let’s get started today! Get a free quote for your next international shipment.

Sign up for ShipSaving - It’s free.

Written on:

January 24, 2022
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