Why is Address Validation Important for Your Ecommerce Business?

5 main reasons why you need to use address validation.
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June 23, 2023

Having a decent or superb product to sell is the main ingredient you need in order to have a successful online store. However, it isn’t the only factor to be considered. 

How many times have you discovered an online store but you didn’t proceed and you canceled your order or haven’t placed it at all? This probably happens to your online store as well and this is an issue you have to solve. 

One of the most common issues is the lack of address validation. If you don’t have or use this option, you will lose customers and your store won’t be able to reach a massive customer number. 

Below, we will list 5 main reasons why you need to use address validation and explain additional perks and facts you should know.

You won’t lose time

Here is the main fact to know. Without an address validation process you may ship a product or a package to the customer but on a wrong address or non-existing one. As such, the package will be returned. This is the worst way you can find out that the address was wrong. You have just lost money and time.

However, if you use address validation, you can eliminate the risk of this problem occurring and you will always send the package to the right address. On the other hand, you won’t need a lot of time to validate the address, so there are no complications here.

One of the best methods you can use to validate the address these days is ShipSaving. This software will allow you to validate or update the address within seconds. Just navigate to your orders, find orders and update the address. You can also click on the residential address if this is the case. As such, there is no risk that your package will be shipped to the wrong address.

Increased conversion rates

When a customer finds a purchasing action too complicated, he or she will leave the store and never come back. As you would expect, this is an issue for all of us. The secret is to keep the lowest numbers of clicks you can in order to get all the information and to send the package as planned. 

Using address validation you will ensure that a customer can make a purchase in fewer clicks and that the package will receive its final destination as needed. In other words, fewer clicks mean higher conversion rates. Add the fact there won’t be address-linked mistakes and you can get even better conversion rates.

Saving money is guaranteed

Without the address validation, you will actually lose money. It is just a matter of time when you will send a package to the wrong address and you will have to pay for the postage! With address validation you will make sure that there is no risk at all, meaning you will have more money in your pocket. 

For those who have a larger e-commerce business, this also means that they won’t need to add the job once again to the staff so you will basically save even more money and time. 

Better brand image

Once again we can see that shopping experience has a huge effect on the conversion rates. What this means is that if more customers have a better experience they will spread the word of your brand and help you increase sales.

There is another part of the story here as well. If a customer isn’t satisfied with the result, he or she will spread a bad word, meaning that the brand image will be ruined. 

This precisely is what happens if you don’t use address validation. You will decrease the professionalism linked to your brand and you will lose customers. When you use an address validation method you will provide a delightful shopping experience to every customer and therefore create a more successful and better-known brand. 

Your store will look newer and fresh

Let’s take a look at the shopping experience of the last century. You will see that the differences are massive. Back then online shopping was complicated, difficult and even annoying. This gives you an impression of how much e-businesses have advanced over the years. It also means that you have to advance as we speak and address validation is one of many ways you can achieve simpler and more accurate checkout. 

Now you can make the shopping experience more accurate and easier for all customers. In return your store will look more ‘’capable’’ and better for customers. 

The final word

Add all of these reasons in one equation and you will see the overall importance of address validation and why you must start using it as soon as possible. It can make a massive difference in the shopping experience and it can help you increase customer base, conversion rates and make a much higher profit. On the other hand, we don’t have any drawbacks to using address validation.

Written on:

August 12, 2021
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