Get Started with ShipSaving

New to ShipSaving? Get instant answers to the most common questions and learn how to use ShipSaving like a pro. Here are a few tips before you dive into our system.

Calculate Shipping Rates

  • The estimated shipping rates displayed in ShipSaving are real-time prices based on shipping distance, package size and weight, and other surcharges obtained directly from the carrier's API.
  • ShipSaving is not responsible for extra charges due to sizing, address, and any input errors. Please make sure that you enter the most accurate information to avoid extra charges.
  • There might be additional fees including fuel surcharge, peak season surcharge, etc. We'll provide common additional fees below for all carriers, and the final price for a package is determined by the bill from the carriers. We will return credit to your account or charge an additional fee depending on the bill.
  • If you have a question about a specific bill, please contact customer support and we'll look into it for you.

Cancel Shipping Labels

  • If you no longer need a shipping label that you bought, please cancel within 23 days for USPS, a refund will be issued within 3-4 weeks. For FedEx, UPS, and DHL, please cancel within 30 days, and a refund will be issued to your account within 1-3 business days.

Schedule Pickups

  • DHL Express charges $4.40 per pickup service. ShipSaving does not schedule pickups on your behalf. Please schedule directly on the carrier's websites if needed.
  • 7 HR EXPRESS offers free pickup for orders exceeding 50 boxes. For orders less than 50 boxes, a pickup fee of $20 is charged.

Download Printer Plugin

  • Before using ShipSaving, please download our printer plugin, which you will find on ShipSaving dashboard after logging in.

Once installed, double click on the ShipSaving icon on your desktop to use it.

If you have installed this plug-in, log in again to the system does not recognize the printer. You can double-click the ShipSaving icon to restart the plug-in, wait a few moments to recognize the printer to continue printing, no need to download and install again.

  • Our printer plugin is Windows and Mac supported. We recommend using Google Chrome, and for Mac, please avoid using Safari.
  • The plugin is local, so if you change your device, a re-download is needed.

Setup a Printer

  • ShipSaving is compatible with 4×6 thermal printers, and 8.5×11 laser inkjet printers.

    * Note that the printer and paper size need to match, for example, label printer can choose 4*6 or 4*8, Fullsheet Printer must choose a normal printer for printing international label.
  • Please make sure your labels are clear and readable. ShipSaving is not responsible for package returns due to unclear shipping labels.

Recall a Package & Change Address

  • If you need to recall a UPS or FedEx package, please contact customer support.
  • Once dropped off or picked up, packages for UPS SurePost and FedEx Ground Economy cannot be recalled. Addresses for these services cannot be changed either.
  • Additional fees will be incurred for recalling packages or changing addresses, including change of address fees, fuel surcharges, residential address surcharges, etc.
  • No change can be made if a package hasn't been scanned initially or is out for delivery.

Package Loss or Damaged

  • If a package is reported lost or damaged, please provide the invoice of the package, photos of the damaged and original packaging, and send all the required information to with tracking # and your company name on the subject line. And write the claimed reason in the email for us to review in a timely manner. All claims must be submitted within 60 days of label creation.
  • It usually takes 1-3 months for the carrier to process the claim, more than 3 months without a response from the carrier is generally considered denied. if the review is approved, we will refund your account within 1-3 business days after receiving the refund from the carrier.
  • FedEx Ground Economy and UPS SurePost packages that are not insured cannot be filed for claims.
  • Photo evidence is required for damaged package claims, such as photos of the damaged package, photos of the inside & outside of the original packaging, etc. If the denial is caused by unclear or insufficient photos, ShipSaving will not take any responsibility. Please try to keep the damaged package in case the carrier needs to visit your site for investigation.

Returned Package

  • If the parcel is returned due to the recipient's refusal or undeliverable, the UPS parcel will be returned to the account address (i.e. ShipSaving address) and the FedEx parcel will be returned to the fixed warehouse address on the shipping label.
  • ShipSaving will notify the customer to pick up the returned parcel and provide 10 working days to keep the parcel for free, more than 10 working days without picking up the parcel will be automatically regarded as discarded. (Damaged parcels and out-of-state return parcels will not be processed)
  • ShipSaving will charge a return processing fee based on the weight of the package:
    $5 - packages under 10 lbs      
    $10 - packages between 10.01-50 lbs      
    $15 - packages between 50.01-100 lbs      
    $20 - packages over 100 lbs

Dangerous Goods

  • ShipSaving carrier accounts do not support the delivery of dangerous goods, including but not limited to: hand sanitizers with 70%+ alcohol, electronic cigarettes, perfume, battery, etc. For specific lists, please visit carrier websites: USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL
  • ShipSaving may block your access if packages with dangerous goods are reported.

Payment Methods

  • ShipSaving system provides ACH, credit card, Zelle and Alipay payment methods. Learn more.

Payment Methods


Go to Wallet, then click Payment Methods. Then click Add Bank Account and fill in the information. Wait for 2-3 business days for your bank to verify.


In 2-3 business days, you will see 2 deposits from ShipSaving in your account.

ShipSaving - Payment methods

Then get back to Payment Methods page and click Verify next to the account you added. Please select the correct amount.
(e.g. $0.08 and $0.41 shown in last step).

ShipSaving - Payment methods

When the status is changed to verified, you can make a deposit. Please go to Payment page, choose the preferred payment method and enter the amount, then click Add Money.

ShipSaving - Payment methods

The transaction will be processed within 5-7 business days. When the status shows succeeded, it means the recharge has been added to your account.

Credit Card (3% Handling Fee)

Go to Wallet, then click Payment Methods. Then click Add Credit Card.

You can deposit immediately with a credit card, but there's a 3% handling fee. Here's the specific instruction on adding and paying with a credit card.

ShipSaving - Payment methods

Alipay (for deposit in RMB)

Please go to Payment page, fill in the amount, then click Alipay logo. Scan the QR code and make a deposit (2.5% handling fee)

Local Printer and Plugin

Please go to ShipSaving dashboard to download and install the printer plugin.

After you successful download, please go to Settings -> Local, and Set your Printer, configurate your Printer Paper Size and Auto Printing.

(If you are using MAC OS, please open with Google Chrome browser)

ShipSaving - Printer plugin

Warehouse (Ship From Address)

Please go to Warehouses, click New and fill in your warehouse (ship from address).

Check the box to Default Warehouse to make it default, so you don't have to fill in every time when checking shipping rates. If you have multiple warehouses, you can check the states you're shipping to from each warehouse.

ShipSaving - warehouse

Add Store

Please go to Stores, click Add Store and choose the platform you'd like to connect with. (Check specific store integration tutorials here.)

ShipSaving - add store

* ShipSaving supports adding more than one platform.

Create a Shipment

Go to menu Create a Shipment

Step 1: Fill out the Ship From and Ship To information, then click Next: Details

ShipSaving - create a shipment

Step 2: Enter package's dimension and weight. After filling out all the information, click Get Rates to display the rate and click Buy  to purchase the label.

ShipSaving - create a shipment

After a successful purchase, you can choose to print/export the label and also send the label to the designated email address.

Void Labels and Return

Go to menu Shipments.

If you want to discard a label, click Actions -> Void. For return labels, click print return label.

* Please note: Letters and Large Envelopes/Flats are not eligible for refunds if the label is unused.

ShipSaving - Void label

Add Users

Go to menu Users.

Click New to add a new user for your team number. Fill in the login information for new users and set up access level, then click Add.

ShipSaving - add user

Customize Invoice

Go to menu Settings -> General. Fill in the company name and address;

For order amounts over a certain level, customize: shipping insurance and signature requirement and your invoice.

ShipSaving - customize invoice

Order Template and Import

Go to menu Order -> Awaiting.

Click More -> Export -> Template to download order template. After you fill in the information, click Import to import the orders.

ShipSaving - order template

Multi-piece Shipment

Method 1: Store Connected

Go to menu Order -> Awaiting.

Double click the order you need to split or add shipment to:
1. Click Add and enter the weight and size for the new shipment;
2. Click Clone to generate a shipment with the same dimension.

ShipSaving - Multi-piece Shipment

Method 2: No Store Connected

Go to menu Create a Shipment

Fill out the Ship From and Ship To information, then click Next: Details

ShipSaving - Multi-piece Shipment

In the next step, click Add package or Clone to send multi-piece shipment.

ShipSaving - Multi-piece Shipment

Carrier Account Set Up

Go to menu Stores. Click Edit for the store you want to change carrier account.

ShipSaving - carrier accounts

If you want to stop shipping with a carrier, go to menu Carrier Accounts.
Click Edit next to the carrier and uncheck all the service boxes, so you won't be seeing shipping labels from this carrier anymore.

ShipSaving - carrier accounts

Combine Orders

Go to menu Order -> Awaiting. Click More -> Combine Orders

ShipSaving - combine orders

ShipSaving system will display the orders that share the same address and can be combined. Check the boxes and click Combine.

ShipSaving - combine orders
  • To be combined, orders must share the same store, warehouse, recipient name, and address.
  • Orders in Hold cannot be combined, you'll need to remove the hold tag to combine them if needed.

Custom Declaration

Method 1

If you are printing shipping labels in Orders, then double click the particular order, select the item, and enter: Declare Name,  Unit Price, Unit Weight, and Origin Country.

ShipSaving - custom declaration

Please note: Packages sent to China, Russia, and Venezuela from the U.S. require an ECCN code. If you don't know your ECCN code, please call the U.S. Department of Commerce at 202-482-4811.It's recommended that you add ECCN or EAR99 code to the item SKU or title section to avoid the package being held or returned.

Method 2

If you choose to print shipping labels in Create a Shipment, you can fill in the customs declaration information directly in Step 2.

Enter Product description, Quantity, Value, and Original Country. (If you have more than 1 product, please click Add customer forms item)

ShipSaving - custom declaration

*ShipSaving is not responsible for extra charges such as tariff. Customs will contact recipient for tariff payment, and if refused, packages could be returned to sender or discarded.

Purchase Labels in Bulk

Go to menu Order -> Awaiting.
Check the box for Order Info, and click Rate ->Auto Create

ShipSaving - purchase label

Reprint Purchased Labels

Go to menu Shipments

Click Action -> Print Label, and save the image to print.
For DHL international shipments, click Actions -> print customs form

ShipSaving - reprint label

Export Label PDFs in Bulk

Go to menu Orders -> Shipped
Check the orders you need to download labels for, click Export ->Labels

ShipSaving - export label

Export Shipments

Go to menu Shipments
Click Export-Shipments to export tracking number, package details, shipping price, order and other details.

ShipSaving - export label

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