5 Reasons to Make the Most Out of Mobile Marketing

Discover why mobile marketing is essential for your business's success in 2023.
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October 3, 2023

According to Research.com, mobile usage for internet browsing is gaining an edge over desktop usage. 

Slightly more than 50% of total web traffic comes from smartphones, while the desktop counts for roughly 47%, with the remaining 3% going to tablets.

The increase in mobile surfing is not the only reason why brands are treating it as an opportunity to promote their goods and services and going as far as developing dedicated iOS and Android apps.

The definition

Mobile marketing is a means to reach an audience of potential customers via text messages, in-app ads, and social media. 

People are already surfing the internet on their smartphones and seeing ads. Blocking ads on a smartphone is also much more of a hassle than it is on a desktop. With the latter, you can install an ad blocker on your browser, and that’s that.

With smartphones, it is much trickier, so an average user is unlikely to bother messing with their device.

Why brands should prioritize mobile marketing

Besides the aforementioned aspect of fewer problems advertisers face with ad blockers on mobiles, there are other notable reasons why mobile marketing is important.

1. Potential to go viral

Let’s start with going viral. A successful marketing campaign reaches an audience beyond the original target. 

Take the ALS ice bucket challenge. It went viral on social media because so many people, including celebrities, started sharing it everywhere, tagging people.

And you know why? Because filming a video on a smartphone and sharing it in a private chat channel or your personal social media profile is super easy with a smartphone.

A similar thing applies to various marketing campaigns targeted at mobile users who can spread it online with a few taps.

2. Personalization

It is easier to create a personalized campaign and connect with a person who is already attached to their smartphone.

Spending hours every day on mobile creates a sense of dependency on the device. Users rely on their smartphones to stay in touch with friends and family. As such, it only makes sense to utilize personalization opportunities.

Take push notifications, for example. A push notification with a personalized call-to-action or a reminder can do wonders.

Say that someone has been browsing an online store on their mobile and added an item to a wishlist with the hopes that there will be a discount soon.

An announcement of the discount is a short and sweet reminder for the consumer to take action. They will get excited and revisit the store. 

Such instances of personalization can also be delivered via emails or text messages. It is much faster and more common to check notifications on a smartphone that is close to you at all times than opening an email on a desktop computer.

3. Localization

Localization marketing attracts multiple brands that want to focus on targeting locals. Let’s say that you are running a restaurant in a busy area and want to attract more customers.

Putting out signs is one way to do it, but in a bustling environment, people who are not familiar with the area might focus on something else while they are there. 

Meanwhile, sending ads to their smartphones is a way to get noticed. Browning social media, for instance, and seeing an ad that promotes a nearby restaurant could do wonders if the interested person struggles to find a place to eat.

Brands can sweeten the deal by throwing in a discount for first-time visitors. And do not forget that someone visiting might not be alone but with a group of friends, so there is an even bigger incentive to make the most out of the localization aspect of mobile marketing.

4. Wide Audience

People with different hobbies and jobs spend time on a smartphone. As a brand looking to target a very specific demographic, you can expect to find a fair few leads via mobile advertising.

Similarly, if the goal is to reach as many people as possible, then it makes even more sense to invest in mobile marketing, given how widely used smartphones are these days.

5. Flexibility

Brands can test multiple mobile marketing channels to test which ones work the best. Flexibility guarantees that a business does not need to stick to a single method and can move on if a specific mobile marketing channel does not suit its goods or services.

  • QR codes

Watching TV or a stream on your computer, you might notice how sometimes there is an advertisement to scan the QR code. 

QR codes can be used to engage an audience to participate in a poll to express their opinion, enter a giveaway to win something or receive a discount code, to name a few examples. 

If you are watching something on a couch, you can scan the code and get to a landing page to complete the action while on your smartphone.

Those who are running a stream on their computer can take a screenshot using a macOS snipping tool, for instance, to save the code and scan it later. However, you are more than likely going to want to take action immediately, and a smartphone is the go-to option if so.

  • Text messages

Text messages work so long as consumers opt-in to receiving them. Do not start a messaging campaign soliciting people with unwanted advertisements. 

Most brands create a list of people who opt-in (similar to email newsletters) and send offers and reminders via text messages. 

  • In-app adds

In-apps are trickier because businesses have to invest in advertising directly on other applications. Finding a partner app that makes sense demographic-wise is a challenge. 

It is not like your competition who shares a similar demographic will want to promote a different brand and make things worse for themselves, right?

On the other hand, a company that sells custom water bottles could advertise itself on various health-tracking applications, to name one example. 


To sum it all up, mobile marketing could become a cornerstone of an advertising campaign if a brand plays its cards correctly. After doing mobile marketing correctly, do not forget ShipSaving is here to help you minimize your shipping costs. Let’s simply start by registering a free ShipSaving account.

Given how many people are spending time on their smartphones, it feels like a waste not to at least try mobile marketing and see where it takes you.

Written on:

August 28, 2023
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