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ShipSaving for Starter, a new solution aimed at providing individuals and small teams with a more accessible shipping solution.
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February 28, 2024

A couple of months ago, we heard a lot from you. Your hopes and wishes for what ShipSaving could become. Today is the first step toward just that. Our most significant app update released today - ShipSaving for Starter - made it easier for individuals and small teams to send your packages, discover the best shipping solution, compare rates, and ultimately simplify your shipping journey.

Trust us. It's an entirely new way to experience. Please read the details below or get started now.

Startups and Individuals need powerful shipping tools

ShipSaving helps teams of all sizes ship better, ship faster, and ship everywhere. 🙌

As more and more e-commerce merchants learn about, become familiar with, and start using ShipSaving, we are becoming better known. However, with our current shipping solutions, which are primely designed for mature merchants, we cannot meet the shipping needs of all people, especially startups and home shippers.

We deeply understand that costs have different levels of impact on businesses of various sizes. But for all startups, saving a $20 monthly subscription fee makes more sense for them - it can be used to change the ability to expand inventory, make marketing efforts, and thus make the business more successful.

Besides startups, Individual users also need an excellent solution to solve the problems they face regarding shipping rates and shipping experience when sending packages.

ShipSaving for Starter

We want ShipSaving to be a place where everyone can enjoy the convenience of the ShipSaving system for shipping. That’s why we’re excited to launch the new ShipSaving free plan, ShipSaving for Starter, to welcome more people to get a better shipping experience without price being a barrier.

ShipSaving for Starter Dashboard

Starting today, whether you're sending a package or thousands, users can use ShipSaving for Starter plan for free, which has no subscription fees, service fees, or hidden costs.

All of the features we highlight below are available now :

  • Free software, no volume restrictions. Sign up with ShipSaving for Starter is free. No subscription fees and service fees - reduce costs.
  • Pay as you go. Buying shipping labels can be as easy as shopping online! Due to the uncertainty of shipping frequency for individuals and startups, ShipSaving's original recharge payment method is unsuitable. That's why we've introduced a new pay-as-you-go payment model that gives you more flexibility to control your spending.
  • Quick rate & Quick Buy. Use our shipping rate calculator to estimate your savings in minutes. And buy labels faster with a saved ship from address and pre-filled package info.
  • Access to shipping discounts. Compare USPS, UPS & DHL Express rates instantly, and save up to 89% off. No carrier accounts are required.
  • Print labels with all types of printers. You don't need a particular label maker to print your shipping labels. A standard printer and printer paper are all that is required.
  • Don't own a printer? It's OK! Generate a Label Broken ID with a QR code after you purchase the label. Take your QR code with your shipment to the Post Office. USPS will scan the code and print the label at the counter for free.

Print label or Get QR code

  • Address auto-complete: Auto-fill and auto verify the address features to ensure you get the accurate rates with no further shipping adjustment fee applied.
  • Auto-generate customs forms and commercial invoices for international shipments.
  • Schedule free USPS pickups. You can schedule a free USPS pickup for the next delivery day while your carrier delivers your mail. The service is available in most ZIP Code areas.
  • Shipping option Add-ons: insurance, Saturday delivery, signature…

Please note that if you are an existing ShipSaving customer and feel that ShipSaving for Starter is a better fit for your shipping needs. We strongly recommend that you sign up for a new account with a new email address to avoid the loss of your previous shipments, orders, and connected store histories.

Our goal is to make ShipSaving a place where diverse teams of all sizes can ship better and ship with a lot of fun. Launching ShipSaving for Starter out of beta brings us a meaningful step closer toward that goal. 🥰

You can try out ShipSaving for Starter for free, or, to learn more about ShipSaving for Starter, get in touch with our support team

Written on:

February 28, 2024
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