USPS 2023 Shipping Rate: What You Need to Know

Check USPS's new rates and learn how the changes impact your shipping costs.
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July 17, 2023

As you know, the latest USPS rates went into effect on January 22, 2023, and ShipSaving recommends that sellers review the specific USPS price adjustments in time to see if these changes will impact shipping costs.

USPS makes a rate adjustment at the beginning of each year. And these shipping prices are adjusted primarily based on market conditions.

USPS says is to offset increased operating expenses due to the rate of inflation and will provide the revenue it needs to achieve financial stability for its 10-year plan.

Overall, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and First Class are all seeing rate changes this year. And Priority Mail Flat Rate will remain the same for now.

Priority Mail prices will increase by about 5.5 percent and commercial rates by 3.6 percent. Priority Mail Express prices are up 6.6 percent, and First- Class rates will increase by 7.8 percent. Despite this year's rate increases, USPS maintains the lowest shipping rates among carriers.

2023 USPS Shipping Rates Highlights:

  • First Class: Shipping rates increase by 7.8%
  • Priority Mail: Shipping rates increase by 5.5%, and commercial rates increase by 3.6%
  • Priority Mail Express:  Shipping rates increase by 6.6%.
  • Parcel Select Ground: 🥳No price increase
  • Zone 1 and Zone 2 with separate shipping rates. 🪧Zone 1(local zone) & 2 used to have the same rates. USPS is splitting Zones 1 & 2 into separate pricing tiers
  • USPS Discontinues Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes.  📦If you have them on hand, you can still use Regional Rate boxes at regular Priority Mail rates

Details of USPS rate changes for 2023

To give you a more visual picture of price changes, ShipSaving highlights the retail price changes for the primary postal services.

First-Class Mail® prices increase by approximately 4.2%, with the following rate changes for mailing letters:

The following are the rate changes for Flat-Rate:

For the complete 2023 USPS price list, click here.

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Written on:

January 26, 2023
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