What Is the Difference Between FedEx and UPS?

After this guide, you can better and faster choose the carrier that meets your needs.
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June 22, 2023

FedEx and UPS's shipping service is well-known to everyone in the United States. Although both companies offer similar services, they are distinct from each other. This article is going to reveal the difference between FedEx and UPS. 

Establishment Time

Although both FedEx and UPS are known as leading courier service companies, FedEx was founded 64 years after UPS. FedEx was founded in 1971, and UPS was founded in 1907.

Market needs 

FedEx is a leader in international transportation thanks to its strong air transport routes, and its services successfully cover more than 220 countries and territories.

Due to UPS's ground transportation network, UPS's main advantage lies in shipping packages within the United States. According to the UPS official report, UPS has more than 5,000 offline stores in the United States. 

Price point

In the price segment, UPS will be cheaper than FedEx because UPS's road shipping costs will be much lower than FedEx's air shipping costs. Also, FedEx is the most expensive carrier in the price ranking.

Time Cost

FedEx and UPS are both very precise in their control of shipping time. If you have to compare them together, FedEx is better than UPS for long-distance shipping. But if it is a medium distance road transport, UPS will have more advantage at this time. 


After you understand the respective advantages of FedEx and UPS, you can better and faster choose the carrier that meets your needs.

Compared to FedEx, UPS is the preferred service for most e-commerce and personal shipments due to its extensive ground shipping network and affordable prices。

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Written on:

February 6, 2023
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