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Choosing the right shipping carrier(s) is important in optimizing your shipping strategy. ShipSaving will discuss the best approach to help your make simple decision for your business.

Integration guide
How to Connect Your FedEx Account to ShipSaving

Step 1

Please go to
Click Move to Production

Then click Get Production Key

Now you'll start the Registration process. Follow the instruction and click Continue.

Read the License Agreement, and click I Accept.

Fill  in contact information, then click Continue.

Fill  in developer information, then click Continue

Your Authentication Key and Meter Number will be displayed here.
(You will also get a Confirmation Email.)

Step 2

Login to ShipSaving. Go to Carrier Accounts, and choose FedEx.

Fill in the required information and choose the services you'd like to add.

Important Information

*After adding your FedEx account, you need to verify your account with FedEx before buying shipping labels on ShipSaving.

To apply for verification, email the following documents to

1. The filled-out WIS Cover Sheet. (For the fourth item "FedEx Test Meter Number", please put "118979564")

2. Both domestic and international test labels  (click to download).

For the subject line, simply put FedEx Account Verification. Once you receive a confirmation email from FedEx, it means that your FedEx account has been verified and is ready for use.

Congrats! It's done.

How to Create and Connect Your UPS Account to ShipSaving
UPS Account Creation

With UPS® certified ShipSaving as the service provider, the easy integrating process makes shipping and selling easier for you.

First, you will need to use ShipSaving's exclusive link to access the UPS account creation page to get the shipping discount.

Then, ShipSaving will provide you with the following detailed steps to register:

Step 1

Use ShipSaving's exclusive link to access the UPS account creation page;

please click Let's Get Started.

Step 2

Answer the following 3 questions.Then, click Next.

Once you have completed the previous step, UPS will customize the discounted rate for you based on the information you have filled out.

* The discount rate will be adjusted accordingly as each person's weekly shipping volume varies. You Can View Complete Offer Details HERE.

Congrats! It's done.
Once your account has been successfully created, you can add your account to ShipSaving!

UPS Account Integration Guide

When you are ready to add your UPS account, please ensure you enter the correct UPS Account Number: access to the UPS Website, click on Accounts and Payment, you will find your Account Number.

Your account has been successfully created, and you need to add your account to ShipSaving system. ou can do this by following the tutorial that ShipSaving has prepared for you:

If you are a ShipSaving for Starter user...

Please find Integration in the side navigation bar, switch to Carriers tab, and then click + Connect Your Carrier button. And fill out the form to complete your UPS account integration process.

If you are a ShipSaving for Standard/Pro user...

Please find Carriers in the side navigation bar and click UPS logo. And fill out the form to complete your UPS account integration process.

Congrats! It's done.

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