What is the USPS SCAN Form

USPS SCAN Forms can save time for shippers who ship many orders in one day.
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March 12, 2024

USPS SCAN Forms can save much time, especially for e-commerce sellers who must process and ship many orders on any given day. Still, additional benefits include significantly speeding up your entire shipping process.

Next, ShipSaving will introduce the USPS SCAN Form and explain why it is one of our most recommended features.

What is USPS SCAN Form?

First, you need to understand that the term SCAN refers to the Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice, also known as “USPS manifest.” The USPS SCAN Form allows shippers who use USPS for shipping to scan a master label number that contains all the package label numbers you need to ship. 

In simple words, The SCAN Form is a paper with a master barcode that groups all your USPS shipment packages with the tracking numbers into one easy scan.

SCAN Form allows postal workers to skip scanning each individual shipping label and instead scan only one barcode for the entire package mailing.

Without this master label number, each package would have to be scanned separately, which would undoubtedly increase shipping costs and time.


What Should You Know Before You Create a SCAN Form?

Creating a SCAN Form is typically the final step in your daily shipping routine, and understanding the essentials will make this process smoother. Here’s what you need to know before generating your SCAN Form:

  • Same-Day Shipping: Your SCAN Form and the shipment must share the same date. You can't create a form for past shipping dates. It's crucial to generate the SCAN Form on the same day you print your labels to ensure alignment.
  • Multiple Forms Allowed: You can create more than one SCAN Form in a day. For instance, if you make one in the morning and then print more labels later, a second SCAN Form will cover only the new labels, not the ones already included in the first form.
  • Location-Specific: If you’re dispatching from multiple locations, each one will need its separate SCAN Form. Organize your packages by location to streamline this process.
  • Consistent “Ship From” Address: The address you’re shipping from must match the sender's address on your labels. Fortunately, when you use ShipSaving’s platform, you can verify this address on the SCAN Form page. 

How to Use ShipSaving to Generate a USPS SCAN Form?

All you have to do is print the SCAN Form, and when the mailman arrives, they will scan the master barcode.

The ShipSaving system allows you to complete the creation of a master barcode and quickly summarize the shipments shipped today into a single form.

For ShipSaving Pro Plan, you can easily create a USPS SCAN form by clicking the Scan Forms button under the Shipments drop-down menu.

Also, you can quickly generate multiple SCAN Forms based on the warehouses. The forms generated into the PDF file will let the users print out and make the record.


For users on the Starter Plan, you can create a SCAN Form in one click by going to the SCAN Form page.


Main Benefits of Using the USPS SCAN Form

Shipping Across the Entire Country and the Whole World

The USPS SCAN Form process is available for both domestic and international shipments. 

It's even more essential to use USPS SCAN Forms for international shipments. Because shipping times are much longer, you need to notify your customers and provide as much information as possible.

Sellers and Buyers Receive Notification

Whether you are a seller or a buyer, you will be notified when your USPS SCAN Form is complete. In addition, you will be able to track packages throughout the route and respond when needed.

As an eCommerce seller, you must admit that customers are obsessed with knowing the status of their packages. Therefore, when you use the SCAN form, you will receive an "Accepted" notification from the post office, confirming that it is being shipped.

A More Efficient Shipping Process

The shipper must scan each package individually if you are not using USPS SCAN Form. However, with USPS SCAN Form, only one scan is required.

This means the mailer can complete the task in less time, and this action will altogether avoid missing packages.

Effectively Helps Business Expansion

Whether you have 10 or 100 packages, SCAN Form can save time for scanning packages as your business grows.

Plus, SCAN Form keeps you organized, and you'll have a table summary showing the number of packages shipped that day and the shipping address.

Skip the Line at the Post Office

Obviously, no one likes to wait in line at the post office, and the SCAN Form allows you to drop off your packages directly at the post office. When you enter the post office, the staff can scan your SCAN Form and process all your packages quickly without waiting in line.


USPS SCAN Form is a feature that all business sellers should use, in addition to effectively reducing unnecessary operational time and providing customers with quick access to package locations.

ShipSaving allows you to use this feature for free, with no additional fees to pay. Help you save time and effort while offering discounted USPS rates of up to 89% off.

Written on:

December 28, 2022
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