ShipSaving FAQ

How to register an ShipSaving Account?


You can register an account on our homepage or by clicking here: ShipSaving/register

Can I use ShipSaving on multiple devices or locations?


Of course, ShipSaving can be installed on an unlimited amount of computers and can support an unlimited amount of users at no additional cost.

Does ShipSaving work on MacOs?


You can use ShipSavings platform on Mac with the chrome browser, however our printer plugin is not currently supported on a MacOS. You can use our platform as usual but you would not be able to print using a MacOS.

How many users are allowed under one accoun at a time?


ShipSaving allows an unlimited number of users under one account at a time. We also support multiple logins to one account with different devices at the same time.

Which printer types are compatible with ShipSaving?


ShipSaving is compatible with any type of laser, thermal, and inkjet printer. Sizes vary from 4’’ x 6’’ to 8.5’’ x 11’’. ShipSaving’s free printer plugin allows you to add printers with different sizes and print automatically. 

What sales channels does ShipSaving integrate with?


ShipSaving supports connection to 20+ major store platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, and etc. Please check our partner’s page and see the full list. You can connect to multiple stores and manage all of them in ShipSaving’s system. 

How to cancel a shipping label?


If you no longer need a shipping label that you bought, please cancel within 23 days for USPS, refund will issued within 3-4 weeks. For FedEx, UPS, and DHL, please cancel within 30 days, and refund will be issued to your account within 1-3 business days.

Recalling Packages and Changing Addresses


If you need to recall a UPS or FedEx package, please contact customer support. Once dropped off or picked up, packages for UPS SurePost, and FedEx SmartPost cannot be recalled. Addresses for these services cannot be changed either.

Recalling packages might trigger additional fees including fuel surcharge, address changing fee ($18) etc. No change can be made if a package hasn't been scanned initially or is out for delivery.

Still got questions? Contact us or send an email directly to