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This guide is designed to help you understand how important packaging is for your brand.
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July 17, 2023

We are living in an era that is dominated by brands, online shopping, and millions of products that have etched their way into our hearts and minds. That is the power of packaging. Before you actually have a look at any product, you are introduced to the packaging. This is why it is important for any business to spend more time and focus on their packaging.

Nowadays, companies are coming up with innovative solutions for packaging their products, including sustainable packaging. This guide is specially designed to help you understand how important packaging is for any brand, and how you can go about it.

Why Packaging Is a Vital Part of Any Business? 

Packaging is one of those things that is so important to many businesses but is often not thought about in the impact it can have on your business a day. Packaging is a form of protection for most products. Packaging matters a lot as it surrounds your product and protects it from any damage. It’s the satchel that you use to mail your product. It is the shrink wrap and the strapping that you put on your product to secure it during transport. However, this is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to your packaging and your brand and how it works together. 

So the first of all there is that protection element and that’s highly significant. But there’s lots more to your packaging than just the protection so the second thing that your packaging does for your business or your brand is branding. Your packaging is the first point of view, the first touch point that customers have with your business when they receive your product. You want your customer to get the product in the best shape possible with logos and security and all in one piece. This is going to be a positive representation of your brand as opposed to being a broken box or ripped satchel that has been reused or recycled and does not look like a lot of care has been put into it. 

Marketing is another aspect of packaging that is very important for your business reputation. There is much opportunity that businesses can use to market their brand simply through the packaging, not even the product itself. So when you think of packaging a product, sending it off to the customer, we want to be thinking about does that packaging has a business logo? There are a lot of ways that you can get an edge on your competition. Simply by looking at the different ways that you can use your packaging as part of your marketing strategy. 

As your product is in the value-add, when the product arrives at the customer, you want it to turn up in great packaging. That’s nice and secure that has your branding involved and that potentially has a marketing message included as well. So you want to have that experience from start to finish with your entire customer journey and that when packaging does arrive and it is safe and secure, it looks good rides in great condition has your branding involved. That is a value add to the customer because they get that experience of having something that has been delivered to them in great shape. They know that the supplier cares about the product and also cares about them as the customer. So that increases that value add. 

Packaging and Labeling Guidelines

Improper packaging and labeling may lead to delay in fulfilling customers’ orders within the promised delivery time or even cancellation of orders. Moreover, to get the complete satisfaction of the customers, you need to select the right packaging meth Poly bags.

These are highly effective for packaging and easy to use too.  Once you pack things in these bags, they are sealed and cannot be opened except for tearing them out, hence, making them tamper-resistant. Also, products are saved from the moisture in these bags.

Corrugated Bags

High-quality corrugated bags protect packages from any kind of damage or in-transit damage. 

Book folders

These are also one of the best options as they facilitate secured packaging of items across sizes, hence multiple-sized items can be shipped using the same folder. 


Tapes can also be used to seal pack the items and can also be used in cartons, poly bags, or book folders. 

These are the different packaging materials that can be used to maintain proper packaging and can ensure the safety of products during the shipment. 

How to Safely Pack and Ship a Fragile Item?

There are a few simple steps that you need to keep in mind to ensure your package arrives safely. Firstly wrap your fragile product in a bubble wrap, then seal it with tape nicely from all the corners. Then you need to grab a box that will allow some space around your little cocoon here. At the side of the box, place some soft things such as thermal and place your item in the center. The main reason for this is that you want it to compress tightly to ensure that your item cannot move around during the shipment. 

When it comes to shipping a fragile item safely, any loose space where it can move around eventually, that item is going to make its way to an edge and that edge is sure enough where it is going to get bumped in and your items can break or get damaged. So this kind of wrapping can withstand anything.  So always remember to use much of the bubble wrap when you are wrapping a fragile item. Also, pick a large and sturdy box to handle what you are packing allowing it to reach safely to your customer. 

Segmenting Items

One of the most important factors to keep note of is to segment items as per their type when packing. You don’t want your precious clothes to get all soggy with liquids or your dishes cracked all the way. Thus, segmenting items when packing is one of the most important aspects to consider. 

We have combined some of the tips and tricks that you can use to segment products easily and get a hassle-free experience when shifting your precious items from one place to another. The first thing to do is to consider all the items that you want to shift from one another. Once that is done, we have a list of types that are listed below:

  • Food Items
  • Clothes
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Liquids

Now, we made it easier for you to segment your products, make different boxes or bags as per each category and add the items in the segmented categories. One thing that you should always focus on is to wrap liquids with tape or any other material to seal them so that the bottles or containers containing liquids do not leak in the boxes or bags. 

And that’s it, once you get everything properly segmented you must label the bags or boxes so that you can prioritize them when unboxing. The most important factor is to unbox the food items first as they can get expired which cannot be consumed after thus, it is vice to unbox them first. Afterward, get the Kitchen Accessories out so that they don’t get damaged lying around inboxes. In the end, you can unbox liquids and clothes and that’s it, it makes the overall packing experience easier for you. We hope that you will appreciate our segmenting process and find it extremely helpful in segmenting products and having a hassle-free packing experience. 

We hope you liked our packaging guide for 2023 and now you have abundant ideas to start your business and get your product’s packaging done most effectively and attractively. Some businesses take packaging very seriously because they see it as a major point of customers interacting with their product and they recognize the great marketing opportunities that packaging represents. The main purpose of testing a package before using it to sell a product is that you need to know in advance how customers will respond to that package. Also, you would know how they feel about that package. 

We test packages to assess whether they will work for the product well. This is much aligned with your marketing strategy and does it support the brand identity and so on. These are some of the questions that you want to be sure that a package does. We tried to cover all these queries in a detailed way in the above guide. Do share your feedback in the comment section below.

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March 7, 2022
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