ShipSaving Professional Tutorials

Master shipping in a minute.

01. How to manage products in a warehouse

It’s essential for e-commerce merchants and warehouse staff to master product management in order to improve fulfillment efficiency. Learn about the difference between items and products in this video to ship easier and faster.

02. Setting up bins

A bin is the most specific warehouse location that contains one or more slots to store products. Setting up bins correctly is essential to finding the correct product and keeping track of inventory efficiently.

03. Matching store items to products

Having your store items matched to the right products in the warehouse is the first step to automate inventory tracking and order management.

04. Setting up inventory

Get started on inventory management by setting up the initial inventory correctly through ShipSaving’s inventory template.

05. How to properly manage inventory

Kiss your spreadsheets goodbye with ShipSaving’s inventory management features. Best for multi-channel and multi-warehouse e-commerce.

06. Automating fulfillment and inventory tracking

Update inventory automatically when an order is fulfilled. It saves so much time and manual errors with ShipSaving.

07. How to pack orders efficiently

Delivering the wrong product and wrong order can cost a great fortune. Experience effortless packing with ShipSaving.